12 Energy Zapping Ways of a Boss Lady

12 Energy Zapping Ways of a Boss Lady by Diana Lovitt #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #EnergyZappers

We all have habits, practices, and systems that we fall back on when we get stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed. Hopefully, most of them contribute to bringing us into balance and health so that we are ready to tackle the next project, but truthfully… many of them just mask the problem.  As boss ladies who want to not only be successful, but also be healthy, strong and passionate for all the other things we dream of doing in our lives and in our biz we need a foundation that reflects our passion, power, and purpose.  It should be a foundation that allows you to master your best asset-YOU!

Here are the top energy zapping ways that many boss ladies fall victim to:
  1. Over-giving of your time and energy.
  2. Not establishing boundaries for you and for your biz. What’s okay, what’s not? How much time and when?  How much money? Who to let in?
  3. Not honoring these set boundaries. You have to practice. No compromises.
  4. Not connecting to your inner source (force) for guidance support. Your energy system, your essence, your intuition and your truth.
  5. Not having a ridiculous self-care routine. Healthy foods, good sleep, relaxation, body and energy care (reiki, meditation, massage, chakra exercises, etc.)
  6. Using food, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, shopping, binge TV watching and other not-so-healthy indulgences or addictions to supposedly replenish and return to balance.
  7. Feeling overly responsible for others work, process, or efforts.
  8. Continuing to use practices, systems or products that aren’t in alignment with your inner essence, truth and knowing (your inner drop) OR sustainable.
  9. Not having a clear image of the passion and purpose of your biz and your role in it.
  10. Sacrificing your energy when you know will suffer from it. I.e. Using yourself too much, instead of finding other solutions.
  11. Not having a lusciously full life while running a biz.
  12. Not valuing your worth– I.e. appropriately paying yourself.

Any of these sound familiar? Yup, me too. So, which 3 really stand out to you? Write them down.  Now underneath each one you have written down, write 3 possibilities to turn that energy zapper into a new powerful way for you to do your work.

Some examples:

  • Boundaries. Do you consistently break your own boundary rules around time and energy? Review them.  If you say you are going to not work on Fridays…. DON’T work on Friday. If you don’t even have a rule about the days, you work <uh oh> PLEASE sit and take some thoughtful time to rethink your schedule. You need time for you. You need down time. You need to replenish, reconnect and renew. You are the best asset your business has taken care of it.
  • Valuing your worth. If you know the services that you provide are worth more and you know you are putting in more time and effort than you feel is being reimbursed. OMG, let’s get that fixed. You will feel more pride, integrity and powerful if you feel your value is reflected in the energy returned to you by you doing your work. It will also raise the bar for the people you work with.  You will show up more and they will too.
  • Having a luscious life while running a business. Do you get to do all the fun things, all the interesting things, all the family things, all the naps, all the self-care that you desire? Do you just get to relax?  NO? Then what is all that work for? Get your planner and start to reevaluate your time spent at work. Also, see where you are not maximizing the time you do put in. See what duties you can have someone else do so that you have time to live your luscious life. NEXT, plug in some self-care, fun, or friends and family time. Put it on the calendar and start calling people to schedule it. WooHOO!

I hope these suggestions inspire you to turn these spirit draining practices around and get you on the road to taking back your life as a boss lady!


– di

Hi, I’m Diana and I guide boss ladies to turn all of these spirit draining practices around. In 40 days of working together, we can establish a powerful system within you and your life that sustains and fuels not only you but your biz. 40 days to LEAP into mastering the asset that is YOU! I’d love to chat with you about what challenges you’re facing as a boss lady and how the synergy of reiki healing energy and powerful spiritual coaching over 40 days can change the way YOU do business. Click here to book a 30 minute complimentary no obligation session to find out more

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