14 Ways to Shine Your Brightest on Valentine’s Day

14 Ways to Shine Your Brightest on Valentine's Day By Robyn Wahlgast #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayBlogSeries #TheWellnessUniverse

Celebrate all the forms of love with The Wellness Universe through our Valentine’s Day blog series. Feature #4 – learn 14 ways to let your femininity shine this Valentine’s Day!

Women are wonderful gift-givers. We take pleasure in selecting thoughtful, personal presents for those we love. My best friend’s birthday is in November, but if I spot her favorite Murano glass beads in June, I’m buying them. It’s so fun to know exactly what she likes and to shop year-round with her tastes in mind.

When it comes to a man you are dating, however, it’s best to refrain from shopping for him as if he’s your closest girlfriend. Women instinctively know that men aren’t pining for flowers, jewelry, and chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but the “giver” in us doesn’t always know what to substitute instead. “What should I get him for Valentine’s Day?” is always a top relationship question at this time of year.

If we shift our focus from “buying things” to the most authentic form of giving, the answer comes naturally—it’s you that he most wants—you are, already, the best gift he could ever receive. When you are truly comfortable in your skin, relaxed, and peaceful, you will naturally support and love him the way he longs for. He gets to pamper and spoil you without being forced into a competition to see who can outspend the other. You aren’t trying to upstage him with basketball tickets or a fancy watch, you’re letting him shine. Your genuine receptiveness and gratitude are way more romantic than any expensive toy. Pick your favorite ways to unwind and refresh from the list below—or create your own—and your man will sigh in relief at this truly feminine gift:

Pick your favorite ways to unwind, refresh, and shine your brightest from the list below—or create your own—and your man will sigh in relief at this truly feminine gift:

  1. Take a yoga class.
  2. Call a friend and go for a talk-and-walk.
  3. Book a deep tissue massage, seaweed wrap, or other sensual body treatment.
  4. Go through your kitchen cabinets and pull out foods that trigger over-eating, like potato chips, cookies, muffins—discard opened packages and donate the rest.
  5. Get your hair professionally blown out and styled.
  6. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi, makeup tutorial, highlights, or another beauty service.
  7. Search YouTube for one new type of fitness activity you’re curious about. Choose a video and follow along.
  8. Learn to prepare one new fruit or vegetable—something you’ve never liked or something exotic you’ve been intimidated to try.
  9. Take a long bath, sprinkle your sheets with perfume, then take a 20-minute nap.
  10. Choose a perfume, body spray, or essential oil mix to wear daily. (Hint: Men prefer deliciously warm “food” scents like vanilla and pumpkin spice.)
  11. Light candles and meditate for 20 minutes. Visualize beautiful places, real or imaginary.
  12. Bag up unused clothes and belongings and donate them to a local church or charity.
  13. Research nonprofit organizations in your community. Choose to adopt one whose mission you support. Make a donation.
  14. Think of a recent achievement your guy is proud of. Plan to mention it when you see him so that he can replay it, even if you’ve heard the story 10 times.

Celebrating a holiday or birthday should never be about proving your worth or earning a man’s love. Release yourself from that kind of obligation and stress. Once you accept that you are his jewel, take pleasure in shining your brightest for him. Put your energy into becoming the most sparkling version of yourself, inside and out.