15 Secrets to Prosperity Consciousness

15 Secrets to Prosperity Consciousness by Susan Browne #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ProsperityConsciousness

To many, prosperity implies having an abundance of money, time and freedom to do the things that make you feel great in life, support loved ones, travel, pay the bills and so on. It’s not all about money.

Being at a well-paid job that you feel trapped in, is opposite of feeling prosperous. Prosperity is a state of consciousness. Along with that comes the freedom to attract your heart’s desire. The opposite of prosperity consciousness is lack consciousness or scarcity mindset.

Here are some tips I have learned along my own prosperity consciousness journey, and with my clients:
  1. Reflect on the language you use around money

If you hear yourself saying things such as ‘that’s too expensive,’ or ‘I could never afford that,’ practice changing the way you speak. Words are powerful.

  1. See your being prosperous as a win-win

Unless you are planning to do harm with money, remember that you being prosperous benefits others. Think of the freedom it would bring to you (and your family if you have one). Since we are all connected by energy, your being in prosperity consciousness has a positive effect on all.

  1. Detach yourself from scarcity-mindset conversations

If your friend/colleague/loved one is chatting about the bad economy or some other negative topic around money, gently detach yourself from this. It gets easier the more you practice.

  1. Don’t strive for prosperity

It is not some big mountain you are climbing. Allow yourself to tune into it right now. Lighten up and enjoy the prosperity you already see around you. The energy of striving is lack-based and attracts more of the same.

  1. Be grateful

When we focus on lack and what we don’t have, we attract more of that. When we focus on things we are thankful for we open the doors to more blessings.

  1. Learn to Receive

If you find a penny on the footpath, pick it up, receive it. If someone pays you a compliment, look them in the eye and say thank you. If someone gifts you something -accept it.

  1. Check the energy of your wallet

Is it time to get a new one? Is this a prosperous vessel to put cash and cards into? Perhaps add a lovely picture to put in there that represents prosperity to you. A Reiki symbol, Goddess Lakshmi, a gratitude affirmation… whatever is meaningful to you and reminds you to tune into prosperity energy each time you look into it.

  1. Get familiar with your deep-rooted beliefs around money

One lady told me she had the feeling that money doesn’t like her, and I created this video to help anyone with that belief.

  1. Help yourself to feel safe to prosper

Some people worry that if they felt prosperous other people would behave differently around them, be jealous or unpleasant to them. If safety comes up for you as a prosperity block, use this awareness to help yourself to overcome it, either through your own personal development work or with a supportive guide.

  1. Choose your prosperous Identity

Who would you be if you were prosperous? Think about your ‘new’ identity as someone who feels prosperous. It doesn’t mean changing who you are. But why not have some fun asking yourself things like ‘how does a prosperous person walk, drive the car, comb their hair?’ etc. Let go of any hang-ups from childhood about money and greed, and enjoy thinking about a wonderful, radiant and prosperous identity.

  1. Know That You Are Deserving

Some people feel that they might not deserve to be prosperous. That perhaps because of things they did or failed to do in this life or another they are destined to be poor and unfulfilled. This is a very unhelpful block which can be overcome with Energy EFT and other approaches.

  1. Ensure you are grounded

Grounding is associated with our root chakra and is also connected with safety, security, shelter and having enough money to meet our needs.

  1. Tune into the feeling that what you wish to attract will bring you.

Rather than the thing or things, focus on expanding that feeling you wish to create.

  1. Ask the angels to guide you in your prosperity consciousness and experiences

There are angels to help us with everything. The angels are happy to assist us in practically anything we desire, so long as it is for our highest good. And prosperity means we are more likely to feel joyous and have a high vibrational state, and are so more able to benefit others.

  1. Make a habit of your prosperity practices

Write them up on the fridge door or beside your bed so you will remember. Persistence pays.

– Susan


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