20 Ways to Choose Happiness in Your Life

20 Ways to Choose Happiness in Your Life by Rosemary Knight #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ChooseHappiness #Life
20 Ways to Choose Happiness in Your Life by Rosemary Knight #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ChooseHappiness #Life
There was a time that I felt it was frivolous to consider happiness all that important.

I felt I was here to be used by a big, scary Higher Power and if I happened to find happiness in the process then maybe, I was not sacrificing enough. I have since learnt that this is man-made dogma and in fact, I have a right to be happy every moment of every day and my Higher Power actually wants that for me.

Here are 20 Ways to Choose Happiness in Your Life Today:

  1. Question any belief that causes you to feel limited.

You are born to live abundantly, freely, fulfilled and if you have any belief, ANY belief that tells you otherwise, you must question it.  You get one chance at this life, choose to make the most of it.

  1. Reconnect to Source.

There is a part deep within that knows you could be connected to love in a deeper, more powerful way. Source/God/Higher Power can be that for you. You may, however like me, have bought into religious dogma that causes you to feel distant and unloved. As I said in number 1, question those beliefs and choose to connect to love again.

  1. Distill out your purpose.

How can you be happy living a life that is not perfectly designed for you to live?  Discovering your purpose is key to your happiness. A purpose is not just about something you do, your purpose is your whole life – How do you want it to look and feel? Get clear on that and your best bet is to ask Source for guidance in getting clear as who knows you best than the wisdom that dwells deep within you.

  1. Sharpen your intuition.

Choose no longer to live life from the outside in. Learn to live intuitively in every second of every day. Ask for guidance, trusting that Source within seeks your happiness even more than you do and then trust what you hear and act on it.

  1. You always have a choice.

When we feel victimised by life, then it is hard to be happy.  Take back your choice in every situation, regardless of how hard it feels to ask for what you want.  And again, question any belief that makes you think that you have to go along with whatever comes your way.

  1. Learn to love yourself.

Do you sometimes struggle with self-love? A simple exercise is to repeat to yourself frequently is, “I love me.” It’s simple and yet so effective. Sometimes, repeat the simple phrase in front of the mirror as you look at yourself with kindness and affection.

  1. Take Time for You Each Day.

Value yourself and take time daily to be on your own path day. Wake up earlier if you need to or go to bed later if you are a night owl. Take time to just be with your own thoughts when no one is demanding anything of you

  1. Exercise daily. 

All part of self-care. It shows you that you value yourself.

  1. Be touched more.

Of course, only by people you love and who love you. Humans need contact with other humans. Get more hugs

  1. Choose your people wisely.

Be careful who you surround yourself with. They can have a huge impact on your happiness

  1. Every day, do something to bring your vision and purpose to life.

Love yourself enough to design the life you adore, regardless of where you’re starting from

  1. Laugh more.

Watch a funny movie, see a stand-up comedian, or whatever your interests are in order to be happy again

  1. Smile more.

Plaster a huge grin on your face and then try to feel sad… It is impossible. Just the act of grinning alone has the effect of making you feel happier.

  1. Accept help.

Sometimes, the world makes you feel like no one wants to support you. Choose to live in a world where everything is working out for your good. It truly is just a matter of changing your perspective.

  1. Trust.

It may seem wise not to trust people if you have been hurt but again, choose no longer to live in a hostile world.  Choose to give people the benefit of the doubt and believe that even if some let you down, it will all work out for your good in the end.

  1. Make clear requests.

No more manipulating anyone or using anger to force people to do what you want – Be someone that clearly asks for what you want and has no expectations placed on any one person.  Have a deep sense that you are always taken care of whether that support comes from the person in front of you or not.

  1. Dance.

There is something really awesome about shifting your body and jumping around. You do not have to look good, you just need to allow yourself to release all tension and have fun!

  1. Listen to uplifting music.

Choose music that inspires you and reminds you of who you really are.

  1. Use your favourite affirmations.

Write out a list of affirmations that mean something to you and repeat them to yourself all through the day.  Add to the list as you think of others that make you feel great.

  1. Use a journal.

Write out your feelings in a journal on a daily basis. Get to know yourself and what you really want as you allow yourself to write, write, write.

We all have a story to share that could inspire and uplift others. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! Dare to do it.  There is a reason you are here on this planet and living out the call on your life, sharing the message in your heart will make you happy. Again, dare to do it.

Over to you, which of these will you do next?

Choose happiness in your life today!

– Rosemary

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