20 Ways to Shift Into Your Greatest Potential

20 Ways to Shift Into Your Greatest Potential by Todd Parker #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #GreatestPotential
20 Ways to Shift Into Your Greatest Potential by Todd Parker #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #GreatestPotential
Everyone has their greatest potential waiting yet so very few ever achieve it.

Some may even hit the mark on many however not even realize it. Below, we’ll delve into 20 ways to achieve your optimal performance and self-potential. Without any specific priority order, let’s get to it:

  1. Sleep

Get consistent adequate sleep, preferably 7-8 hours uninterrupted per night.

  1. Nutrition

Eat well; eliminate processed foods and sugars, and focus on a high fiber, and appropriately balanced (for your activity level) of protein, carbs, and non-saturated fats.

  1. Stress relievers

Deep breathing, meditation, power naps, a lunchtime walk etc.

  1. Interval Training

Incorporate higher intensity or effort segments into your walk, workout, or outdoor activity. This will help boost both your metabolism and trigger “feel good” chemicals in the brain, such as endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine.

  1. Daily Physical Activity

At least 30min of moderate exercise (brisk walk, jog, strength training)

  1. Read

Read something educational or enriching every day – even if it’s only 10-20min

  1. Be Grateful

Think of one thing your Grateful for each and every day; It’ll especially help with numbers 8 and 12.

  1. Think Positive

Whenever negativity enters your space – whether self-imposed or not, learn to recognize it, and turn it into a positive. Even if it’s a significant loss or lesson learned, there’s always a positive aspect that helps make you a stronger better person. Those that are always negative and miserable, limit your time with them or remove them from your life altogether.

  1. Appreciate being alive each day

Shift your thoughts from chores to challenges

  1. Eat well

Whether you graze all day or eat three meals, lower intake in the evening, largest meal at lunchtime, and don’t consider coffee as your breakfast.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Maintaining hydration is key to natural bodily cleansing, energy levels, and adequately recovering from losses during exercise.

  1. Love yourself, your SELF

After all, if you don’t love yourself, you’ll have difficulty appreciating and loving others. However, stay grounded and humble. It’s not all about you

  1. Admit it when you’ve made a mistake or “wrong” decision

People will respect you more for it, more so than someone that’s “never wrong” or blames others for their miss-step.

  1. Have patience

Not only will others appreciate you being patient, but your overall heart and metabolic health benefits from being so. After all, you can’t make the little old lady at checkout count her change any faster! You have only two choices; those being, you can be miserable, or you can be happy. Embrace the moment for what it is, because you cannot change it, other than to make the atmosphere positive and appreciative for your patience.

  1. Maintain a healthy personal hygiene and grooming

If you look well, you’ll generally feel well through confidence and self-pride. That, in turn, has effects on how well you perform to your potential. The mental aspect is huge.

  1. Greet others with a smile

Thank them when they’ve favored you – no matter how small. Most often, a simple “Thank You” will make their day as well.

  1. Respect others around you

They’re human just like you, not a wild animal or an inanimate object. Remember, the little old lady counting her change; you’ll be there someday. Respect is often reciprocated if you act first.

  1. Learn to listen more

Be patient, let the other person express themselves fully, and when the time comes for you to speak, you’ll be better informed or address the conversation with more accuracy and thoughtfulness. Interrupting others while they speak often takes the topic or direction of the point off-track. Besides, it’s just rude and (depending on who) some level of disrespect.

  1. Have Goals

Setting and working towards realistic yet challenging goals provides one with direction, priorities, and the awareness of the time and money they spend. And more often than not, this leads to higher accomplishments in the future.

  1. Be a Mentor and have a Mentor

A mentor has the life experience and/or education to properly guide you during life’s important decisions. Remember, someone always knows more than you, and don’t forget it.



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