20 Ways to Boost Your Happy

20 Ways to Boost Your Happy by Louise Armstrong #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Happy

For many years, I believed that my success would bring me happiness and this has been wrong on every account. Yes, I have been successful in many of the jobs I have undertaken but has that success made me happy? No, and simply because I didn’t LOVE what I was doing.

I thought trading the futures market would bring me happiness because I did enjoy what I was doing, BUT there was a missing ingredient for me which left me unfulfilled. Which was a great NEED in me to be with people and not just numbers and screens.

I had this belief that if I had more money and felt less stressed I would be happy but I’ve discovered it’s the other way around. By being happy in my work and my life, I am happy. I found myself less stressed, financially more secure and even healthier!

What we focus on truly does become our reality. The fact was when I became happier, more positive things came my way. More opportunities opened up in my home life and in business; Like does attract like.

So, if feeling happier can make you better off financially, reduce stress, enjoy better health and make your life a whole lot better, what are you waiting for – START RIGHT NOW!

Here are a few things I did to increase my happiness straight away. Try them out and boost your happy too!
  1. Increase your exercise or start walking if you don’t do much right now.
  2. Try a new exercise class, something you haven’t done before, you won’t know if it’s for you unless you TRY!
  3. Do something today for someone else without any expectation of the outcome.
  4. Phone, text or email a long-lost friend without any expectation of a reply – you could make someone else’s day.
  5. Take time out for YOU, just to be peaceful, enjoy your own company.
  6. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea alone, be aware of just being you, savouring the peace.
  7. SMILE – it simply stops negativity in its tracks.
  8. You might think this is weird but try smiling at yourself in the mirror – it can be quite confrontational.
  9. Push out of that comfort zone, take a risk, do something you wouldn’t normally do EVERY DAY.
  10. Look at what scares you, ask yourself why then take that step towards doing one thing towards this today, right now.
  11. Journal – start writing down the ‘good’ things that happen to you, over time you will see this grow and grow as your happiness gains traction!
  12. Start a gratitude diary, writing down 5 different things each night before bed that you feel grateful for, feeling the emotion as you write each word.
  13. Consciously be aware of negative thoughts – simply being aware stops the negative energy increasing.
  14. Once you are aware of these thoughts you can then say cancel/cancel to start the power of the thought.
  15. Now you can turn around any negative sentence in a positive way.
  16. Sing – put the music on in the car or at home and sing your heart out and don’t worry about what others think.
  17. Say thank you!
  18. Give your body a boost with some healthy ingredients – fresh fruit, vegetables and some protein.
  19. Treat yourself – give yourself a little luxury telling yourself that you are worth it.
  20. Let it go… watch the negativity float away as if it was a passing cloud!

Above all, keep going! You need to exercise your mind with these new practices just as if they were a muscle. The more you do them, the ‘fitter’ your mind will be.

Think about it today. Being happy makes you more attractive; you feel good, you look good, your posture is better, you are healthier and wealthier so what are you waiting for!?

Every successful person I have ever met in life is happy and finds something positive in all that they do.


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