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You are reading this article because something deep in you knows you’ve totally earned whatever it means to make 2022 a gift to you. You’re reading this, perhaps, because you’re looking to validate how you feel deep inside. You may be reading this because it gives you a sense of privacy as you explore ways to find inner peace and happiness. Lastly, you could be reading this because you’re ready to take the next step towards growth, creating a better future, better life, better sense of self.

You’ve stopped at the right article because I’m on a mission to help you not only win in 2022 but to help you see that you’ve known how to win all along. Take that in for a moment. How does it feel?

For almost two years between 2020 and 2021, a spotlight that was once dim now shines brightly. Maybe even overwhelmingly so for some. These years have highlighted things we would have continued to disregard. Do I even like my job? Do I like my partner? Homeschool? Who am I? What do I really want? How has this or that been okay all this time? I wasn’t prepared for this conversation with myself. I didn’t even know there was a conversation to be had! I’m feeling quite overwhelmed!

TV was both a distraction and entertainment before 2020. Many thought it was a distraction from the craziness of their workday. They have since learned that it has had a dual purpose. In addition to removing work from their being, it has also been a distraction from the craziness in their mind. Unable to go out due to the pandemic restrictions, TV, streaming, and other noises helped many survive their minds and thoughts. Now that things are opening back up, you may notice your interests have changed. Or you’re falling back into the old patterns.

If any part of the above sounds like you and you’re willing to acknowledge it, congratulations! If you want 2022 to be different, you’ve already taken the first step. You’ve stopped running, now you’re on a hunt to discover where you are giving up your power so you can claim it back. What does that have to do with making 2022 Your Gift to You?

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is dedicated time to self-love, acceptance, compassion, trust, efficacy, and growth. If 2020 and 2021 were bogged down with activities outside the areas that focused on attuning to your inner life, then doing so in 2022 is Your Gift to You.

Are you a little scared? That’s normal, don’t judge yourself. Can you recall a time you did something despite your fear? I’m not asking you to recall how well it went, focus instead on the fact that you made it through whatever that was.

Are you saying “go me!” in your mind right now? If not, I’m going to invite you to pause and stop reading for a moment. Try to recall a time you can celebrate. (And if you’re so inclined, reach out to me & share so I can celebrate with you!)

Ready to continue reading? Awesome, and congratulations by the way. You’ve proven you’re all in on you because if you’re this far into this blog post, you’ve found something to celebrate about yourself. Remembering your courageousness is part of the foundation that will support you on this journey. How can you start? Well, you could hire me 😁 and allow me to support you as you move through the ups and downs the process will most certainly create. Shameless plug.

Of course, if you’re not ready for full-on support in the form of a coach, you don’t have to remain stuck. Plus, I always look for ways to add value to our time together. You’ve been with me this far. Please accept these 3 gifts to get you started.

Gift #1. Create inner contentment & peace

Supplies needed:

Sticky notepad (whatever color you want)

Writing utensil(s) (color pencil, pen, marker, crayon)


Before bed, decide what you’ll look for the next day that you know will make you smile, and write the date and “smile generator” on the sticky note. (this could be something internal or external). If you’re currently commuting, put it where you’ll see it before you leave home. If you’re teleworking, put it on your computer. If you’re doing both, write 2 notes. Do this every evening for at least 21 days.


Journal about your experience through the entire process. Find someone to join you and have them do it too!

Gift #2: Acknowledge Your Power of Choice.

Fair warning, this one tends to challenge people but I can assure you once it’s no longer a challenge, it’s indeed a gift.


Notice your thoughts and how they make you feel. When you notice tension, decide whether you want to maintain or change those thoughts. Then take action in the direction you want to go. The key to this gift is honing in on the power you have to change thoughts that don’t support the person you want to become. This in turn enables the love in you to shine on you. Love transforms.

Gift #3 

Not sure if you want another gift? 😳 Don’t worry, I know that can be a lot. So this one is simply me validating that you are enough. And that you are worth the time, money, effort, and energy required to get you to a place where you can not only recognize but step fully into your enoughness.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to hear you, see you, share with you, and offer you gifts. I have one more. For those ready for coaching support, I’m offering an “All-in On Me!” incentive for 12% off when you choose a coaching package. Use gift code WUGift. This offer expires on December 31st, 2021.

Scarf blowing in the wind amongst the trees

In celebrating with you, Nicole

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