25 Tips to Look Younger and Feel Amazing

25 Tips to Look Younger and Feel Amazing by Kristen Battistelli #TheWellnessUniverse #LookYounger

Sometimes we forget that we are the CEO of our bodies and lives. But you are in charge of looking and feeling like a million bucks. Are you ready?

25 Tips to Look Younger and Feel Amazing:

  1. Sleep.

Your body and brain each need proper rest and recovery to process things that you learn and experience, build muscle, cleanse and detox.

  1. Move.

Make it fun! Variety is key to staying in shape so that your body doesn’t get used to your regular style of workout, otherwise, you are cheating yourself. Aerial yoga, anyone?

  1. Reduce sitting time.

You might be surprised that you are sitting more than moving on any given day (traffic, desk, and couch). Consider investing in a stand-up desk or even an active sitting chair to reduce the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Make your morning drink work for YOU.

Add organic, grass-fed collagen to your morning coffee or tea (it’s tasteless). It reduces wrinkles, making you look younger over time, and is beneficial to your bones and joints.

  1. Drink more water.

Your cells require water to live and do their important jobs of distributing essential nutrients where needed as well as detox waste products.

  1. Get a little citrus action!

Add lemon to hot water first thing in the morning (lemon juice is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory). Diffuse lemon essential oil in your home or office; it has an uplifting, energizing effect and has been shown to reduce sugar cravings for some.

  1. Stop getting your beverages, especially hot ones, in to-go paper or plastic cups.

Many of the lids or even the inner cup liners can contain chemicals like BPA that can leach into and contaminate your beverage! Invest in a stainless steel, BPA-free reusable container stat!

  1. Maintain a gratitude journal.

Take one minute out of your day to list out one to three things that you were grateful for that day. Adopting this habit will give you a positive mindset and put a lot of perceived problems in perspective, reducing stress levels.

  1. Meditate.

Doing this first thing in the morning can help keep the “monkey mind” at bay and reduce stress and cortisol levels.

  1. Conduct a yearly audit.

Annually audit email and other social media accounts to get control of who has access to your eyeballs. Unsubscribe to emails/lists and unfollow people/businesses that no longer serve or delight you.

  1. Review your network annually for “energy vampires.”

Establish new boundaries with the perpetual complainers, martyrs, or “Negative Nancy’s” who may only be providing stress and aggravation.

  1. Get tested for any food allergies and sensitivities.

These can change over time, but most people are unaware of what they might be sensitive to.

  1. Check your gut health.

Ask your doctor for lab tests to see if you need to add pre- or probiotic supplementation. This usually involves a stool test that you can do at home and then mail to the lab (fun!).

  1. Vitamins and Minerals.

Ask your doctor about adding a vitamin and mineral test panel to your annual physical blood work. See where you might be deficient in minerals like magnesium (keeps you regular), antioxidants like Vitamins C and D (indicates immune system health), and Vitamin B family (energy).

  1. Juicing and Smoothies.

Start drinking green juices and smoothies. You will notice your skin start to glow once you start increasing your alkalinity.

  1. Have more sex!

No explanation needed. 🙂

  1. Start brain training exercises.

The Lumosity app (addictively fun!) offers games designed to keep your brain in shape for a younger, more vibrant existence.

  1. Read more books.

Reading keeps you educated but is also a form of relaxation. Sign up for Audible and start listening to books while walking.

  1. Socialize with someone in your network at least once a week.

Research shows that isolation can be a key aspect leading to a shorter lifespan. We need people and a support system!

  1. Schedule regular self-care.

Things like massage, acupuncture, Mani/Pedi’s, etc… If you don’t proactively schedule, they won’t get done. And you deserve it!

  1. Use Natural Brands.

Transition your household cleaners and personal hygiene products to natural brands. Your skin is your largest organ and we are exposed to 80k+ chemicals in the US through food, air, and water so it’s important to not overburden your body’s natural detox system unnecessarily, which can cause health issues over time.

  1. Stop watching TV.

Use the newfound time and quiet to read, listen to podcasts, or just spend time with friends and family.

  1. Step away from technology by 8 pm each night.

Keep them out of the bedroom. The blue light is keeping you from sleeping and you’ll reduce your daily EMF exposure.

  1. Get outside daily for fresh air and nature.

Greenery keeps you grounded and Vitamin D is necessary for your immune system and mood!

  1. Hire a health coach.

Get help with allergy/mineral testing, customized supplement recommendations, and holistic health support.

Here’s to the amazing-feeling, younger-looking YOU!

– Kristen

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