27 Kindness Sharing Ideas

27 Kindness Sharing Ideas by Juli Ocean #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #KindnessSharing

27 Kindness Sharing Ideas by Juli Ocean #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #KindnessSharing

27 Kindness Sharing Ideas: Please Steal These Ideas and Add Your Own!

We hear too many stories of impatience and misunderstandings, short tempers and sharper tongues. In a world where lines are continually being drawn to separate us by our differences, simple kindness reaches into the places where we are the same.

Within each of us lies the power to brighten a moment and makes someone’s life a little easier. Through kindness, we can turn around another’s bad day or even a life. Simple acts of kindness may not seem like a big deal to the giver, but it can mean a great deal to the recipient.

“Is everything okay?” only takes a second to ask, but the person hurting no longer feels alone. Acknowledging folks in your neighborhood makes them feel noticed and valued. If you catch a neighbor picking up trash, thank them and make a point to do the same, or better yet join them. Selfless acts of kindness change the air and spark a chain reaction.


Try one or two of the kindness sharing ideas listed below (or dream up some new ones!), and start a ripple for world change:

Service Providers: Bring a smile to the face of an unsung hero.
  1. Thank a veteran. Buy a cup of coffee, shake their hand or offer to pay for a meal.
  2. Reward your mailman. That kind of loyalty counts for something.
  3. During those sweltering days of summer, your lawn service agent works hard. That guy or gal may appreciate a cold bottle of water.
  4. While signing your credit slip, invite your delivery person inside where it’s warm and dry (or cool depending on the season). Some chains have strict policies about their delivery people stepping inside your door; so, don’t be put off if they decline. You can always give them a generous tip!
  5. Quite often food servers work two jobs, support a family, or are working their way through college. Tip generously. I know one man who tips waiters double the cost of his meal.
  6. The mechanic that always takes such good care of your car when it breaks down or changes your oil with a smile, would probably appreciate a gift-card from a food establishment near his place of employment.
  7. Take homemade baked goods to your local fire department or police department.


Your Random Neighbor: Restore someone’s faith in humanity.
  1. Buy someone’s groceries. Not only will you blow their mind, but you’ll also make their day.
  2. Leave quarters in slots at a laundromat, or on top of parking meters.
  3. Compliment a parent about their kids. Parenting is demanding work, and we all need to hear we’re doing a good job.
  4. Say something pleasant to the person having a rough day or, if they’re amenable, share a hug.
  5. Let people ahead of you in the grocery line. It’s easy to spot those who only have a few items.
  6. Going to a coffee shop with your laptop? Grab your power strip and allow others to charge electronic devices.
  7. Locate the owner of lost property: a pet, phone, purse or wallet.
  8. Give a coffee or restaurant gift card to a homeless person.
  9. Offer to return someone’s shopping cart (that mom with the quick-footed toddlers!)
  10. If it’s safe to do so, let a car in front of you in traffic.
  11. Take a bunch of balloons to a park, mall or hospital and hand them out to little ones. The smiles are worth it.


Closer to Home: Lighten the load of someone nearby.
  1. Offer to pick up needed items from the grocery or drug store for shut-ins.
  2. Rake leaves, mow and pull weeds, or shovel snow and salt the walk for an elderly person in your neighborhood.
  3. When you’re pulling your trashcan back from the curb, grab the neighbors too!
  4. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or mail them a silly card.
  5. Remember someone’s birthday with a greeting card.
  6. Take a meal to someone who is ill, recently had a baby, or just got home from the hospital.
  7. Purchase a gas card for a single mom or the college student working their way through school.
  8. Leave anonymous notes of encouragement in note cards taped to doors in your neighborhood.
  9. Stand by an ice cream truck when it rolls through your neighborhood and purchase treats for every kid on your street.


NOW is the right time for us to be the changes we want to see in the world. Don’t be bashful about shining your light wherever you notice a need.

Do you have more kindness sharing ideas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

– Juli

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