3 Foundational Keys to Create More Impact and Prosperity

3 Foundational Keys to Create More Impact and Prosperity by Lisa Meisels #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Foundational #Prosperity

Like most heart-centered entrepreneurs, you have a calling to do bigger work in the world.

But the question arises, how do you get “out there” to create more impact and prosperity? In this post, I’ll share the three foundational keys to creating more impact and prosperity with your business.

One of the most important things in creating more impact and prosperity for your online business is having Magnetic Positioning™ in place. Magnetic Positioning™ is created with clarity, conviction, and connection. These are the foundational keys for your business. With these keys in place, you are set to start attracting more clients, creating more impact, and influencing the lives of many.

Let’s Go Through Each of These Foundational Keys:

  1. Clarity

Often people are frustrated because their efforts are not working to get them the clients, impact, and prosperity they want to create. They can’t quite put their finger on why their business is not working. Digging into their online presence, their profiles, their website it’s easy to see that the problem is that they absolutely need more clarity.

Clarity is essential for your messaging, in identifying your audience, crafting your offers, and creating the overall vision for your business including the impact you want to make.

  1. Conviction

When the difference you want to make in the world is combined with clarity, you’ll create conviction. This is what people feel when they are in your presence and when they read your words online. There is a bigger reason you’re obsessed with making your business work and that is to live out your purpose. This is an evolutionary process. When you align with your purpose, you awaken your brilliance and you begin to believe in your value. In order to have your positioning be magnetic, belief in your value is non-negotiable.

Join the conversation focused on elevating your impact and getting into soul alignment so you can manifest prosperity and abundance into your conscious business and life.

  1. Connection

Deep connection is what allows you to get your audience to “lean in” to you, your words, and your online content. When you don’t know who your audience is, you’re not able to genuinely connect with them. When you don’t understand your audience, you won’t know how to speak to them. Unfortunately, when you don’t speak to someone in a way that resonates with them, they feel that you don’t understand them and they won’t buy from you. This is because you haven’t built this crucial connection.

When you know exactly who your audience is, then you’ll be able to connect deeply with them through your messaging and your content. If you don’t truly connect, your audience won’t feel seen or heard by you. That’s how you lose them to other businesses that do the same thing you do but know their audience much better. This is why connection and building solid relationships are essential for growing your business, creating more impact, and prospering.

We live in an overstimulated world. It’s hard to get people’s attention. It’s even more difficult if you don’t have Magnetic Positioning™ in place and a way of deeply connecting with those you desire to serve.

With clarity, conviction, and connection in place, you create Magnetic Positioning™ which sets you up to create not only more influence and impact but also more prosperity.

Magnetic Positioning™ allows you to create more impact and prosperity. That’s a fact.

Implementing these three keys will add more impact and prosperity to your business and life. But there is more, a whole lot more. That is why my business partner, Donna Burgher and I are offering a free class on The Wellness Universe Lounge. We would love to have you join us as we talk about how to Create Impact and Prosperity. When you click on the link you can register for free and read all about this Extraordinary Instruction Class.

We look forward to sharing how you can have more fun as you create more impact and prosperity in your business and life.

~ Lisa & Donna

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