3 Ingredients for Better Health

3 Ingredients for Better Health by Bernadette Eata #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BetterHealth
3 Ingredients for Better Health by Bernadette Eata #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BetterHealth
Spoiler Alert: These are practices, not actual ingredients!

When it comes to being our best and healthiest self, we are constantly looking out for the top “ingredients” to making it happen.

Whether it’s using coconut oil for your body (which actually is a really great way to stay healthy) or cooking crazy recipes with quinoa, I believe people need to take a huge step back and look at the bigger picture.

People who are looking for ingredients for a healthier life are essentially looking for recipes or foods to feel healthier and happier – in reality, it takes a lot more than what you eat in order to achieve this goal.

There are many ways to truly take care of yourself for better health, but here are the top 3 ingredients (or practices) to ensure that you are fully taking care of your health from a holistic perspective:

  1. Feed your mind positivity—

That’s right, the first ingredient is basically positivity! This is a crucial part of being healthy, as the thoughts you carry can affect your body down to the cellular level. When you let go of negative feelings of depression, guilt, anxiety, worry, frustration, and anger, you are truly setting your physical body up for amazing health benefits.

How to feed your mind positivity:

Watch positive news stories, listen to uplifting music, uplifting self-affirmations, and add positivity to other’s lives with a smile/hug/compliment/small favor!

  1. Nourish/care for your body—

Now that you know how to take care of your mind, be sure to do the same with your body. This may be what many have in mind when thinking of actual “ingredients” for better health, but health is so much more than food! It’s about what you do, too.

Stepping away from unhealthy foods and sedentary practices will help your body properly function the way it should. Rates of disease and illness will be far less likely and a healthier you will be that much easier to achieve.

How to nourish and care for your body:

Eat plenty of vegetables/fruits, drink lots of water and tea, use essential oils and other natural products for your hair/skin/nails, go out on nature walks, do some yoga, use alternative medicines and holistic health practices for any ailments!

  1. Cherish your soul —

When you are properly taking care of your mind and your body, taking care of your soul comes very naturally. Your body and mind will be working a lot more clearly and fluidly.

You will automatically know what you need in order to truly and fully become a healthier you. You will know to drop anything and anyone that no longer brings you peace, joy, and happiness. Your intuition will be even more fine-tuned than before.

How to cherish your soul:

Get lost in your hobby, meditate, moon rituals, be grateful, burn candles/incense/sage, walk on the grass barefoot, use healing crystals!

These 3 practices also contain sub-practices that you can use to help create a healthier you! You may use one, some, or all of these techniques in achieving your goal of better health.

– Bernadette

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