3 Myth-Busting Truths about Perfection

3 Myth-Busting Truths about Perfection by Cristina Smith #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Perfection

3 Myth-Busting Truths about Perfection by Cristina Smith #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Perfection

How to Be Perfect All of the Time?

What is perfect? The perfect body, the perfect life, the perfect sunset? Or, oh my, the perfect relationship? We’d all give different answers. What if perfection itself isn’t perfect?

Many of us strive for perfection, yet never seem to be able to achieve it.

We set impossible standards and then beat ourselves up when we don’t make them. We tend to think it’s a good thing to want to make things perfect, but is it really? Have you been bitten by the perfectionism bug?

Perfection is one of the biggest contributors to procrastination. It helps us rationalize why we shouldn’t even start something because it won’t turn out perfectly. This powerful sword of self-judgment has slain many a great insight, project and offering before it ever finds its way out of our heads and into the world. Perfection has become the holy grail of so many of our creations. It’s the whipping post we tie ourselves to, eroding our self-esteem in the process.

A different perspective on perfect and what it means can really free us up to seek our own lives, hopes, dreams and especially self-perception.

What if we are looking at perfection all wrong? What if we considered that perfection is in the process, not the event or creation?

Wouldn’t that change everything? It would mean that we accept ourselves as perfect in the moment and doing the best we can right now. It also inspires us to thrive and strive constantly to improve through uplifting encouragement rather than the shame of self-punishment.

We know that as we learn and grow through experience, the next perfect process will be different than the last and bring us new information to incorporate into our being. We will then embody ever-evolving perfection, and our lives will reflect that satisfying sense of continual, and incremental accomplishment.

Here are 3 Myth-Busting Truths about Perfection as the Desired Outcome:

  1. Perfection is Stagnation.

Once something is deemed perfect, all growth stops. This is unnatural as there is nothing as consistent as change is, in the world.

  1. Perfection is Subjective.

One person’s idea of the perfect cup of coffee may be different than another’s. Is one better than the other?

  1. Perfection is Divisive.

The illusion of the ultimate best creates pain for many people. Perhaps your perfect natural beauty is not fashionable right now. Do you want to use someone else’s opinion to beat yourself or someone else up with?

What if we are perfect, just the way we are, in all of our flawed human glory?

Once we accept that perfection is in the process of our lives unfolding, we allow more possibilities to share our wealth of wisdom through our creations. We can truly put into the practice the globally suggested commandment to love ourselves and our neighbors as ourselves. We can stop torturing ourselves mentally.

And we can succeed in our quest for the holy grail of perfection every time we say yes to the call of our hearts, minds, and souls.

– Cristina

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