3 Practices to Awaken the True Essence of Your Being

3 Practices to Awaken the True Essence of Your Being by Christina Bauer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TrueEssence

3 Practices to Awaken the True Essence of Your Being by Christina Bauer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TrueEssence

In my practice over the years, I noticed 3 key components that have persuaded awakening to the True Essence of My Being. These three practices are simple ones that anyone can do with the inspiration and the will to carry them through.

Here Are 3 Practices to Awaken the True Essence of Your Being:

  1. Present Moment Awareness.

Resting in what is here and now both in the outer and inner dimensions. We connect with the open, receptive, intuitive Silence within our own being as we listen and witness what arises from within as well as in the outside world. Sometimes arriving to what is in the outside world around us can lead us to the inner world as well, if we are unable to immediately make the inner connection. This is a good place to begin. I like to think of it as if I am dropping from the mind to the heart or from the thought stream to the intuitive center of being.

For some, connecting on the inner plane is natural and easy, and for others, it can take time. I suggest making this a fun practice. When we are light and inquisitive about these things they happen much more easily, versus if we are serious in the effort. The activity comes from the desire to rest. It is an active choice with a yielding to what is. Resting in awareness is a completely passive experience after making the choice to shift our focus from Mind to Awareness.

  1. Allow the Mind to be Imbued with Truth.

We contemplate Truth and notice how it can apply to all that come our way. Resting in it, trusting it and enjoying it. It is a great stress relief to allow our minds to rest. It begins to dissolve the fear, worry, and doubts that create the anxiety of our lives. It is a great joy when the day arrives when we recognized that the fear is either completely nonexistent in our reality or at least very near to being completely gone. What is TRUTH exactly? Truth is unchanging. Truth cannot be known through the mind. Truth can only be recognized as true through the soul faculties. Great Truths have been shared by all great Sages and Saints over the course of all time. Truth that was spoken over 2000 years ago is still true today. Some examples of this might be; “Thou shalt know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Experiencing Truth offers the power to free us from the limited concepts of the mind. These limited concepts hold us in bondage to suffering. This is due to our own ignorance. Ignorance is simply ignoring the truth.

Spiritual Truth does not require belief in a specific religion or even deity because it is an innate knowing from within and is instinctual. When we hear statements of Truth, it can awaken in us an inner knowing. This is not a conceptual knowing. It is known by an explainable intuition which carries with it an unshakable certainty. One could say that Truth is comprehensible solely by the Soul facilities; the Truth of our Being.

We are where this begins. Soul recognition is inner-directed and deeply personal. It requires going within and honing our ability to hear that “still, small voice.” It is not small in the sense of being timid or inconsequential but is ever so soft and non-intrusive. It requires a state of stillness and of being consciously aware; in the present moment. It holds the power to transform our thoughts, feelings, and even our physical bodies. When in despair, if we choose to go within to listen for this voice, we may find a soft current of peace, calm, and contentment which can literally dissolve the previous feelings of despair we were experiencing. This calm inner sanctuary has the power to heal all discords in our lives. Repeating Truths throughout the day will not only replace the negative thoughts of fear, worry, and doubt that we find ourselves caught up in, but it also can create lowered stress levels by invoking feelings of peace and calm. It is intended to take our attention away from the wandering thoughts of the mind and focus our attention on that which can serve us.

  1. A Willingness to Surrender One’s Own Will.

This actually may be the most important quality necessary as it opens the door to all others. We all have beliefs about who and what we are, and these beliefs govern our personalities. We identify as certain personas. I am a mother, a wife, a son, a daughter. I am rich or poor. I am successful or not. My life is easy, or it is hard. I am able to find my true self within or I am not. These are the thoughts that we live by. We live in a world of duality and associate ourselves and all others by these attributes. We must be willing to set this aside and inquire in order to discover who we really are beyond the concepts of our mind. One practice that can be helpful is that of observing as circumstances come our way. We simply watch them. When we are willing to refrain from reaction and even response until we have been guided from within, things can begin to work out on their own in a much more harmonious way than we could have created ourselves through our own will and need to control. Essentially this means that we let go of our own agenda. This is a complete unraveling of our habitual behaviors. It begins to shift our entire outer world.

Many years ago, I remember hearing an answer of the Dalai Lama when asked what he thought was one of the biggest hindrances for Western society. He answered that the Westerner has no patience. He reacts as soon as he hears or sees anything that comes his way. There is no patience to simply allow it to come, to see it, watch it, and then, only if necessary, respond. The Westerner reacts before fully noticing what is actually presenting itself. This really struck me as the truth. I saw it in myself and all those around me. It was then that I began to practice watching and listening with patience. It is quite astounding at first when practicing this to see all the ways in which my mind wanted to react with thoughts, judgments, controls, and its own agenda.

This is a great practice that requires a willingness on our part to surrender the will of our personality so that we may rest in the pure awareness and true essence in which we are.

– Christina

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