3 Simple Steps to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

When an inspired thought arises or feels like it falls into your head, it creates a desire. When it’s a soulful desire it\’s meant to manifest.

An inspired desire that comes from your heart versus a desire that comes from your ego mind are completely different energies. The desires that arise from your higher self, expands your heart. These types of desires can easily manifest into your reality.

Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Manifest Your Hearts Desires:

  1. Make a Committed Decision If you want to bring your desire into manifested form, you must first make a committed decision and then follow that by taking inspired action on the beautiful insights you receive to manifest your desire.
  • Gain Clarity The next step is to gain clarity on your desire. It’s important to engage all your senses. Let’s say you want to manifest prosperity into your reality, however, you may not be clear on what prosperity will actually look like. The funny thing about clarity, is that it is often elusive. It can feel quite frustrating and keep you stuck in a looping pattern. Using processes that help you get clear, such as the one our students use in our Manifesting PODS, can be extremely helpful.
  • Set Your Intentions in Writing Once you become crystal clear on the highest good that your desire will bring once made manifest, you will want to set your intentions and write them down. Putting your thoughts on paper, with a strong vision, is a powerful way to begin manifesting what you want into form.

What Happens Next?

Your level of consciousness will determine how easily and quickly you get into energetic alignment with your desires. For example, if you desire prosperity then aligning with the spiritual law of abundance is imperative.

Sounds simple, right?

Simple, yes. But, not always easy to do.

As a beautiful, spiritual being it is your Divine inheritance to live an abundant life! You came here, on this earth plane, to live a fulfilling and rich life. But many forget that they are powerful creators. Manifesting is our innate way of BEing.

Everything your soul desires is meant for you to manifest. As you grow and expand, you get to experience the blessings that are yours to have. You are a caring, thoughtful, loving human who is here to help raise the vibration of the planet and empower others to live their best lives. Through your Divine calling you have been gifted to assist in the collective ascension helping humanity expand to higher levels of consciousness. Some refer to this as living in 5D or the New Earth.

While you are amazing at what you do, you still struggle with the effects that negative energies have on your business, your life, and your ability to manifest. Your own negative thoughts can take you into a downward spiral. You still get triggered by those around you and your energy is still affected by outside circumstances. Your emotions can be flying high one moment but then someone says something, or something happens that takes you down from your high-flying place. It hurts when you find yourself in the lower vibrational energies. It feels difficult, heavy, and very emotional.

Everything is Energy

  • Your thoughts are energy, and they vibrate.
  • The words you use are energy, and they vibrate.
  • Your emotions and feelings are energy, and they vibrate.

So, when your thoughts, words, emotions, and feelings are in alignment with high vibrational energies, that is when your manifesting abilities soar, and you experience magic and miracles!

But sometimes it is not always easy to manage your mind. When you learn the skills, you’ll be able to master your energy.

Becoming consciously aware of your feelings and emotions will guide you to become aware of your thoughts. When you realize that you are not feeling good, you are then empowered to choose different thoughts.

One of the most empowering messages Donna received from her Divine Team is this, “You are a choice-chooser. You are the only one who can think your thoughts and you are the only one who can change them.” Then her guides downloaded energy tools for her to use to clear those negative thoughts.

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