3-Step Self-Love Plan of Action

3-Step Self-Love Plan of Action by Moira Hutchison #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Plan
3-Step Self-Love Plan of Action  by Moira Hutchison #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Plan
I find that I go through periods of not allowing or sitting with what is going on for me.

The idea is that I am here for other people and I can teach, motivate and inspire people to express and be in the best possible space for themselves.

But recently I realized that I tend to feel lonely a lot of the time. What transpired for me over the last few weeks has been very empowering and amusing – you see I have come to realize that I am much more of a work in progress than I can sometimes see.  I change and adopt new thinking and challenges very quickly – there is a lot of good that comes from that but there is a part that does not slow down enough to absorb the learning, the further development of self-love or the deep-seated feeling part of what has transpired.

So, I have started writing in my journal each (well — most!!) morning just to do a check in – how am I today – where am I at and how does that feel… getting out of judgment is an important piece here too – just allowing and seeing what it is I see or feel.  I draw a card each morning which allows me to deepen the feeling(s) I am sitting in for that moment.

What I am noticing is that my self-talk is taking much more of a nourishing, loving feel about it – it feels like I am allowing myself to talk to myself in much more supportive terms than I have ever noticed before. By allowing me to just be me it is as if some of the pressure I put on myself dissipates into the ether. Being more present and noticing where I am in the moment, I find that I am more able to address what my emotional, physical and spiritual needs are; this is proving to be a constantly shifting target.

Self-work, personal growth, and development is a constant requirement – it is not a destination but the journey itself and it is me who gets to choose how it feels along the way – if I find that things do not feel comfortable or I am sitting in a cloud of negativity, it is a sign that I need to retreat and notice what I need or what I have missed within.

Even the most positive and happy people are not always positive and happy. They may always look or act positive and happy, but life is filled with a variety of situations and events, so different reactions are relevant. It\’s more important to be in touch with your true feelings than to act, react, or look a particular way.

The key, though, is to spend as little time as possible dwelling on thoughts that make you feel uncomfortable. Language is one of the best ways to manage your thoughts and direct yourself from negative to positive ideas.

Here are a few ideas about speaking to yourself:
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Say words you believe.
  • Support yourself into regular meditation with kind and loving words.
  • Meditation is not a contest or battle of wits; it is a way to honour that you\’re more than a physical being.
  • Hear the whisper of your inner self.
Here’s my 3-Step Self-Love Plan of Action for you to try out for yourself:
  1. Write in a journal each day. Start with “I feel _________” – remember to be open and honest with yourself here – uncensored is the key to feeling your feelings and really taking a loving stand for yourself.
  2. Each morning, draw a card (from a deck of your choice, oracle cards or tarot cards work well), or set a positive intention for your day.
  3. Choose affirmative, uplifting and nurturing words when talking to and about yourself. What do you like to be called? Do you have a pet name that makes you feel loved, cared for and acknowledged?  How about using that when talking to yourself!

Remember you are the navigator of your own ship – the meanings and interpretations you put on what is happening within you as well as around you are all within your control. You do deserve and are worthy of your own love!!


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