3 Things to Do Every Day to Have A Great Day

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We all want to have a great day, to do the things we want, check items off our to-do list, and feel like a champion for getting stuff done.

I know as an INFJ personality that I absolutely do.

If I don’t feel like I’ve done something I set out to do that day, I get really upset about it.

My mind has a really hard time letting go when it’s in that state and I’ll struggle with feeling like it’s OK to not be working. Because it absolutely is. With a great work ethic and focus comes great rest and recovery.

Just as an athlete needs to stretch, get massages, and work with wellness experts to balance out the high-intensity movements they do, you need balance as a hard-working entrepreneur.

If you want more productivity, better creativity, and higher levels of efficiency, you need to make sure that you are creating a workflow and lifestyle that will support what it is you want to do each day and to the level that you want to do it.

I’ve learned that how we start our day sets the intention and flow for the rest of it. It’s responsible for how much peace, joy, and control you feel throughout your day. The level of quality of what you do and create, and how easy it is to get it done comes directly from how you begin your mornings.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

You start your day with the idea that you’re trying to get into a creative and productive flow. It can be broken down into three parts: you move, set your intention, and finish with giving yourself something to help you grow. Also, very important, don’t jump on your phone beforehand and start scrolling. There’s time for that after, don’t worry.

Here Are 3 Things to Do Every Morning to Have A Great Day:

  1. Gentle Movement

You can move however you want, whether it’s sweaty and intense or something simple and easy. The point is that you want to get your body up and moving as close to your wake-up time as possible.

I chose to do a morning, warm-up yoga practice from the Nike Fitness app that’s 19 minutes long. I spend about another minute or so just hanging out in the rest pose with my palms up to receive energy for the day.

On the days I do yoga first thing, I 100% stay in my pajamas and snuggled in my robe because it’s cold in the morning. But sometimes it happens after breakfast or later in the day, depends on the calendar, I’ll put on workout clothes knowing that eventually, I’ll get to it.

I’m all about being cozy. Plus the yoga flow isn’t intense as I’m a beginner and I can move around more than enough in all the poses.

  1. Set Your Intention

This section is open-ended in what you could pick to do. Things like meditation, prayer, and journaling are options.

Basically, it’s a chance for you to set the intention for the day. Some days I’ll journal and others I’ll tap. Sometimes I’ll use a tapping app if I want a guided meditation and routine to follow along with.

On the days that I journal, it’s more of a brain dump where I write whatever flows to me. It’s usually solutions to things I’ve been working on or that my brain has been pulling together in the background.

But other days it’s creative ideas that I’ll incorporate into my calendar to get done either that day or at the earliest possible time.

  1. Grow Your Mind

This is your section to learn something new and take in information that you want to learn or will feed your mind and support how you want to grow.

I have a variety of podcasts that I listen to, everything from authors, personal development, cooking, and history. My brain enjoys being fed something and learning, and the flexibility of the podcast allows me to cook breakfast, eat and clean up so I’m still getting things done.

Now, I recognize that this morning routine works for me and may not work for others. However, you can change and adapt whatever you need to better suit your lifestyle, needs, and time constraints.

I will say that this routine works for me. I already feel a huge improvement in my mental state, productivity, and emotional health. And if you’re looking for help to create more space for a great day, then it could help you too.

If you’re looking for help making positive changes in your life, I specialize in helping creativepreneurs reach their big goals in life and business, so they can pursue their passions and make great money with their skills, expertise, and creative ideas. Learn more about working together in a free coaching call.

– Rachael

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