3 Tips for Boosting Your Immune System

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In early March, before the shelter-in-place order, I released a blog on the three things you must do to prepare for the imminent coronavirus pandemic, where I predicted that the situation will get much worse. I was right.

Policymakers, news media, and the so-called ‘experts’ have convinced the population that we are incapable of protecting ourselves, that our immune system is not strong enough to fight the virus. Therefore, we resorted to hiding from the virus.

But it is really up to us to protect ourselves.

Our best defense against diseases and viral infections is our immune system. It is our ‘bodyguard’ that defends us from threats such a COVsID-19. If you get sick from the virus, it is because your immune system is compromised.

People with strong immune systems may catch COVID-19 and may not even know they had it. Their body fought and won the battle and built antibodies to protect them against future attacks.

Strengthening your immune system takes time. It is not as simple as taking a pill or an injection. But it is an all-encompassing method of protecting your body.

Staying healthy is not just for your benefit. Staying healthy means that you can be productive at work, you can be present with your family, and you can truly enjoy life. Without health, your life will fall into chaos.

Here Are 3 Tips for Boosting Your Immune System:

  1. Vitamins C & D

Vitamin C is a powerful supplement that not only boosts your immune system but also helps build collagen which keeps you looking young and vibrant. Vitamin D is known for helping musculoskeletal health, but Vitamin D is also beneficial for the respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

And don’t just take the RDA levels. RDA, which stands for recommended daily allowance, was developed to prevent you from getting vitamin deficiency diseases such as scurvy, rickets, Beri Beri, and pellagra. RDA is the minimum level that your body needs to function.

Rather than doing the minimum, why not opt for optimal? Optimal levels for Vitamin C are 1000mg and for Vitamin D it is 2000 IU daily.

  1. Stop Sanitizing Your Home

This may sound counterintuitive. Over sanitizing your home, especially if you are using strong chemical cleaners or bleach, can be harmful to your health. Yes, these chemicals kill the germs on your kitchen counter, but as you breathe it in, the fumes also kill the beneficial gut bacteria.

Gut bacteria play an important part in your immune system. It is important to keep the gut flora healthy so that it can support your immune system.

Also, don’t wash your groceries with soap and water or something worse. Rinse them with water, like you normally do. Soap and cleaners leave a residue on your produce and when you ingest the food, you are also ingesting the chemicals which could make you feel sick and maybe even experience ‘COVID-like’ symptoms.

Stick with your routine. If you were cleaning your house once a week, keep with that schedule and use organic cleaners. I have included some cleaner recipes in the free mini-series. See below for details.

Don’t over-clean your home. Not only does it hurt your health, but it also causes unnecessary stress and resentment.

Which leads to my next tip.

  1. Banish Fear and Resentment

Anxiety? Concern? Despair? Doubt? Horror? Scare? Worry? Agitation?

These negative feelings of fear and resentment not only hurts your mind and soul, but it also hurts your body. Your ‘gut feeling’ is now scientifically proven to be true. There is a direct connection between your brain and your gut which is your Vagus nerve, which sends signals between your brain and your gut. Therefore, when you are scared, you can literally feel it in your gut.

Fear and other negative feelings in your brain will directly affect your gut health. But what can you do?

Here are some ideas.

Stop watching the news.

I stopped watching the news seven years ago and I did not miss a thing. I still get some selected local news feeds where I can pick and choose what news I read.

If you must, watch the news once a day. You don’t need to watch the same piece of news over and over again.

News media choose to print the most ‘grabbing’ headline. Fatality rates are a favorite. What about the other statistics? What is the ‘recovery rate’ of those who got infected? What is the percentage of people who got tested positive and didn’t even know it? How many people die from the flu, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases every day in your county? Why are we reporting on the death rate of only one type of disease?

Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, says that FEAR stands for:





Fear exists only in your head. The fear of getting sick and dying is only in your head. You can reduce your fear by not feeding your head with the latest news.

Rather than focusing on the fear, focus on the positive.

The air quality is finally getting better. Families are now closer. Got kids? Now you have time to play with them, nurture them, and educate them.

In fact, the biggest GIFT that the coronavirus has given to us, is TIME.

Now you have time to focus on your health, get quality sleep, prepare healthy meals, and take care of those you love.

Now is the time to work on your immune system. Build yourself an impenetrable wall, so that when the next pandemic hits, you are ready for it.

If you find this useful and would like to learn more about boosting your immune system, I have put together a 7-part mini-series that is available to you FREE for a limited time. Register and get access NOW.

– Minna

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