3 Tips to Cultivating a Prosperity Mindset

3 Tips to Cultivating a Prosperity Mindset by Patricia Young #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #ProsperityMindset

3 Tips to Cultivating a Prosperity Mindset by Patricia Young #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #ProsperityMindset

How much good we let into our life is determined by our level of self-esteem. I’m referring here to any type of good that we let into our lives, be it love, money, relationships, health, etc.

We live in the midst of abundance, and everyone one of us is made of abundance, it is our nature, just as it’s the Universe’s nature. That trait is part of who we are. We come to the planet as a Divine Package, and abundance is one of the gifts contained in that package, as spiritual beings.

Here’s the thing, our abundance, in NO WAY, removes or takes away from anyone else’s abundance. But, many of us, have been conditioned, since we were kids, to make an agreement with lack and scarcity.

The work we need to do is to retrain ourselves to remove that agreement with lack, and the power we see in our current circumstances so we can begin to make an agreement with our divine nature and the nature of the universe, which is abundance and prosperity. Basically, we need a shift in our thoughts and energy, which creates a new vibration. This shift will bring prosperity in all areas of our lives. It all starts from the inside out.

When it comes to money, our blockage is basically related to other areas in our lives as well, and they’re interconnected. Money is a very core issue for people related to feelings of self-worth, stuck patterns that we have inherited by modeling our families, etc. When we release some of those blocks, we free other areas too.

If you think about it, Money is just energy, just like love, and all energy carries a vibration. Since we are vibrational beings, and we are all full of energy, we carry a vibration. That vibration, through our thoughts, our perceptions and actions, creates an energetic relationship with that object that is money.

Our mind is like a magnet, which draws unto itself it’s own like. The strength of our mental magnet is greatly reduced when we are continually worrying and living in fear.

It’s very natural for a person to worry about the source of supply, about where their next dollar’s going to come from. And the key here is to be aware. Having the awareness that worrying tends to restrict and limit the flow of abundance, which leads us to more self-doubt and more fear. So we need to be in a calmer state of mind and a higher level of self-confidence. This is a critical part of the process to change our thinking and feelings.

Here are 3 tips to help you cultivate a prosperity mindset:
  1. Clear up conflicting ideas about money – many people repel money because they’re really conflicted about having abundance. Some of these beliefs could be on the unconscious level, try to bring them to the surface and become aware of them so you can release them.
  2. Go from a belief of scarcity to a belief of abundance – Think that the source of abundance (god or spirit) is unlimited; if you think in human terms you think in limiting ways. Shifting from scarcity to abundance will have an impact in other areas of our lives too.
  3. Make room for what you want by releasing what you don’t want – Releasing objects that you are no longer using or you no longer love will create a vacuum to flow new things to you. Clearing out the old makes way for the new.

Awareness is key to healing and releasing anything in life. I challenge you… throughout the day, become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Check if you’re lining up with abundance or scarcity. Lining up with abundance is lining up with your true nature, your Authentic Self.

– Patricia