3 Ways Clarify Your Business Using A Clear Statement

3 Ways Clarify Your Business Using A Clear Statement by Dolores Hirschmann #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Business #Statement

Hands sweating, dreading the moment I stand up and introduce myself to a networking group. It is my turn.

Have you ever experienced that? I have, too many times to count.

Each time, I would rehearse my lines and repeat the “What do you do?” statement only to second guess myself the moment I had to open my mouth.

I avoided all networking events or any kind of situation where I would be forced to stand and speak up about my work. Each time, I deprived my business of the much-needed interaction and connection with potential clients and connectors; the very people that are needed for a business like mine to succeed.

So how did I change that mindset? It was 2016 when I stopped everything I was doing and asked myself one key question.

In answering that question, the birth of one of my most successful programs came forth, and so it began. Once I started gaining traction, I knew I had cracked the code.

So, what would that look like for you? How do you come up with the answer to the question, “What do you do?” Shared below are a few steps to clarify your business and begin to play big.

Here Are 3 Ways to Clarify Your Business Using A Clear Statement:

  1. Understand the Outcome You Provide and Communicate It:

We humans are walking around with little antennas on our head looking for solutions to our problems. These days, I read every post or article I can find about training a puppy since I am now the proud mum of a baby Chocolate Labrador. If the article is titled “Train Your Puppy” or “How to Get Your Puppy to Stop Chewing,” I will read it. My antennas are looking to solve that problem.

  1. Decide Who You Want to Work with and State It:

I know, I know… your programs or services could benefit so many different people, but the more you talk to everyone, the more you talk to no one. So, commit to one market, one group of people. Define them. Who are these people? What do they dream of? Where do they hang out? What do they spend their money on? What books do they read? What are their impulses? What keeps them up at night? What challenges do they face? What are they tolerating? What kind of conversations are they attracted to?

  1. Define Why You Are Different and Share It:

There is something unique about you and the work you do, even if you are in an industry with thousands, if not millions, of people doing the same work. The way that YOU do it is unique. Understand how you are unique and share it. It can be something specific that you have experience with. For me, it is being a TEDx Organizer; for you it can be that your ability to speak multiple languages or having overcome a special challenge. Whatever it is, share it!

We cannot grow our business if no one knows about it and if people can’t easily refer their network to you with a clear, solution-based statement.

So, go ahead, try it out.

Test the waters with a clear statement, and trust me, the sweaty hands and feeling of dread will go away over time.

– Dolores

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