3 Ways to Clarify Your Vision and Trust the Process

3 Ways to Clarify Your Vision and Trust the Process by Dolores Hirschmann #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Vision

I am sitting at my desk, it’s 9 am and my calendar is free of appointments this morning.

If I am honest, most of my mornings looked like this in the first few years of my business. I might have two to three client calls a day, but the rest of the day was clear.

So, I would sit at my desk and think, “What should I focus on right now? What should I do?”

And my go-to tasks tended to rotate between tweaking my website, working on a new product, writing an article or newsletter, and tweaking my website again.

Sound familiar?

This dancing around a “spaghetti-to-the-wall” kind of to-do list becomes boring, frustrating, and can feel like a failure over time, but it is a process we all go through until we get truly clear on our vision.

And, spoiler alert, the lost feeling will still show up at times, but there are ways of getting back on track.

So, how do you shift from being “busy” to “taking strategic action” towards your vision?  Shared below are some tips that will help you.

Here Are 3 Ways to Clarify Your Vision and Trust the Process:

  1. Clear Vision

Clarifying your vision is CRITICAL. Otherwise, it is like driving your car with no set destination. A nice activity on a Sunday afternoon, but very inefficient during your work week when you need to get somewhere in a timely manner. If you are looking for a hobby, forget having a vision, but if you want to build a business, you need to clarify your vision. So how do you do that? Yes, there are some complex processes you can follow, but in my work, a simple question can do the trick. Simply ask yourself, “What do you want to celebrate by x date?” That’s it, list everything that comes to you.

  1. Manage Your Time

You can’t make more time in the day. Twenty-four hours is all you have, but you can be a better manager of your time. Once you have the vision and you have broken down your process, then give yourself clear deadlines and block time in your calendar to meet those deadlines. Don’t just block time and label it “working time” like I used to, instead have a clear agenda for what you want to accomplish during that time. What works well for me is to have one of my team members meet with me during that time to ensure I get the work done. I need a babysitter!

  1. Be Kind to Yourself

Manifesting your vision is simply keeping it as your main focus day in and day out. Once your vision becomes your lighthouse, all you have to do is look for it when you get lost in a project, a launch does not go as planned, or the meeting, event, or sales campaign doesn’t quite meet your expectations. Don’t despair, trust the process. Arriving at your destination might include stoplights, roundabouts, refueling, and maybe even taking a rest in your journey here or there. Just keep moving forward.

It has taken me many years to find my vision and to trust my process. Each one of us has a unique way of working.

My suggestions to you are:

  • KNOW HOW YOU ARE WIRED so you can align your tasks in a way that meets your unique way of working.
  • ASK FOR SUPPORT along the way. We are here to support you if you would like to hop on a clarity call with us.
  • Check out the Clarity for Business Assessment. It can help you become clear on where your focus needs to be in your business right now! Take the assessment and get ready to go ALL IN on making your dream a reality.

– Dolores

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