3 Ways to Break Free Of Your Chains

3 Ways to Break Free of Your Chains by Becky Wells #WUVIP #pasttense #moveon

How many times do you find yourself saying to someone, I used to be able to do this or that?  I have in the past done exactly the same. What made me change?  I learnt I had to accept myself for who I am right at this moment in time.

At the age of 18 I had my life mapped out I’d thought. Little did I know. I had been a Police Cadet in Sussex since the age of 14 and had passed all my entrance exams and was just waiting for the physical tests. To me I knew I’d pass that without an extra breath. I was a fit, County Level runner and loved extreme sports. Little was I to know what was around the corner.

At the time I was working for the Government and on my way to my office in Central London. I turned to look in a shop window and that’s when it happened.

I was frozen to the spot with pain. Being a rather introverted person, I stood there wondering what to do. Do I go and get back on the train or do I carry on to work?

I slowly made my way to work, a five minute walk, which took around forty five that day.  When I arrived they suggested I went home as I was apparently fifty shades of pale. This was to be the end of my Police career. Ended before it had started.

I’d ruptured a disc in my lower back so badly that I’d have to have a metal plate put in a week later or risk losing more feeling in my left leg or even being paralyzed below the waist.

I spent the following five years living the ‘if only’ life after the unfortunate event on that day. Until one day, driving home from work, I gave myself a metaphorical kick up the behind, as I released I’d lived the past years on a pause button.

For those five years I’d felt permanently tired, why?  Because not only was I trying to get on with my daily life. I’d been tormenting myself with the ‘what could’ have been.

Once free of those shackles of the past, I found my energy levels soared. I started to learn to live for the moment. Baby steps. In fact my first step was to train as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist. I had found that zing in me by releasing those chains of steel that were holding me back.

How can you start to break those chains?

  1. Look at all the things you can do right now – It might be five minutes of gardening or walking today, then make it six minutes tomorrow.  After two weeks you’re a third of the way to an hour. Baby steps, no looking back at the “what ifs”
  2. Write a letter to all those nemesis’s of the past. Write it a letter, with words or even a picture. Then “let it go’. You can burn it, shred and bury it. Or plant it under a tree.
  3. Be grateful for everything you have, your uniqueness is your best asset.  As the saying goes ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’.

I learnt it was okay to be me again just as I am, not the ‘what was’ from the past. I’m even part bionic now!