3 Ways to Have More Fun, Create an Impact, and Manifest Prosperity

3 Ways to Have More Fun, Create an Impact, and Manifest Prosperity by Donna Burgher #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #MoreFun

Let’s collectively, have more FUN while creating an impact with the work we are called to do, as this is the spark to manifesting joy and prosperity into our business and life.

As each one of us takes personal responsibility for our vibration, choices, and actions we are doing our part to allow the collective to tap into that energy. The higher our vibration the closer we are to the frequencies of love, joy, and abundance.

We all have been given dreams, talents, and gifts. Our soul guides us to bring forth what we are called to do in the world.

You were born for a reason with a reason and it is your divine calling to share that with others.

– Donna Burgher

Are you a heart-centered, conscious entrepreneur called to make this world a better place? Are you tired of doing it alone? There is an easy solution that many are feeling a pull towards. One person can make a difference. But what happens when thousands of people come together for the greater good? They can make a massive difference, often in a much shorter period of time.

Join the conversation focused on elevating your impact and getting into soul alignment so you can manifest prosperity and abundance into your conscious business and life.

You know your soul is calling you to do your part in transforming the world, to make this planet better for the generations that follow, but as you sit alone in your home with your laptop, loneliness sets in. Where is the fun?

When you are brave and you follow your inner guidance to bring your gifts into the world, that can feel extremely overwhelming. But you do it, you take action. All the doing creates energy leaks. You begin to feel drained. So what is a heart-centered entrepreneur to do?

Here Are 3 Ways to Have More Fun While Creating Impact and Manifesting Prosperity:

  1. Do from your being-ness

Let me explain. Often when you are in the energy of doing, you cut yourself off from your being. When you tap into your true authentic self, that part of you that is connected to a higher power, you are in the energy of being. When you approach your work from this energy, you allow life to flow through you and your ideas and actions flow with more ease, joy, and fun. You feel alive and aligned as you follow your divine calling.

  1. Community, Connection, and Collaboration

We are not meant to do life alone. Being a lone-wolf, trying to save the world all by yourself, is not effective or fun. But when you connect and collaborate with other like-minded people, who are also doing their part to shift the vibration on this planet, that’s when the fun and flow enters back into your life. We are social beings. Often, working alone is a reality for many entrepreneurs, but when you have the right kind of community that you can connect with, your vibration will elevate and so will your fun.

  1. Play! Do Something You Love

You love your work but that does not mean you must give up other aspects of your life. If you love to dance, take dance lessons. If you love to play tennis, get out on the court to play. When you add play into your life, the fun factor soars! Playing will look different for everyone, so do something that you love, that lights you up, and brings excitement into your life. When you engage in activities that are fun this activates the frequency of joy which opens you up to allow abundance to flow into your reality.

Implementing these 3 ways will add more fun, joy, and ease into your business and life.

But there is more, a whole lot more. That is why my business partner, Lisa Meisels and I are offering a free class on The Wellness Universe Lounge. We would love to have you join us as we talk about how to Create Impact and Prosperity. When you click on the link, you can register for free and read all about this Extraordinary Instruction Class.

We look forward to sharing how you can have more fun as you create more impact and prosperity in your business and life.

– Donna & Lisa

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