3 Ways Your State Of Mind Is Affecting Your State of Well Being

State Of Mind

  1. What is it that you allow your mind to focus on constantly?
  2. What makes you feel significant; what defines you?
  3. What lies do you tell yourself?


Are you feeling bad; ill or just plain tired? Are you having money issues, relationships challenges?  It is alright to feel what you feel, but don’t dwell on it, don’t constantly talk about it, don’t bitch about it to everyone…doing so may only worsen your symptoms.

As you think about and talk about, you are bringing about energy directed directly to your issue/s. The energy magnifies it; then you think about it more and talk about it more. The energy you created is feeding off of your thoughts…it thinks that you enjoy it, it cannot differentiate between feeling good or bad it only knows that you constantly think on it so you must like it, so it gives you more of what it thinks you want, whether it be positive or negative.


No one likes to be ill or unhappy, but you can get yourself in such a rut and create a sense of comfort by feeling bad…it’s what you are used too; it’s all you have to talk about, to think about…just how awful you feel or how bad things are. It has become who you are…it defines you, it makes you feel significant. You have created a monster in your body and your mind. You have others feeling sorry for you, you tell them how bad you feel or how sick you are and they will react with; ‘awww I’m sorry you feel so bad’ now you are the center of attention, you feel significant…and the energy feeds off of that, it will give you more of the same.

Oh, the vicious cycle it becomes. But, it doesn’t have to be…You have the power to change things. Now I am not saying that you are miraculously going to be healed, but, you can use the power of your mind to alleviate the unneeded negativity that you unknowingly bring about by focusing all your attention on your Dis-ease.  Stop giving your dis-ease   energy, stop feeding the frenzy…and take control of your life.

The mind is a very powerful thing, we have more power then we have ever been allowed to believe.  Your mind and body work hand in hand, what your mind thinks your body feels. It will respond to negative with pain, illness and depression. The more you focus on the negative the more your body will respond with the negative. The same is true for positive, the more that you focus on positive the more your body will respond in a positive way, ie…feeling good, having more energy and just an all-around greater state of well-being. One positive thought can cancel out negative thoughts; one positive thought can keep a negative thought from becoming reality.

It is a proven fact that positive thoughts can help speed the recovery process, thus creating better state of well-being and a less likely hood of relapse or worsening symptoms.


When you look in the mirror what do you see?  Do you see a beautiful & unique Soul worthy of all Life has to offer? Most likely not, and that is a shame…because you ARE!

We are born without judgments of ourselves, but as we grow up we learn certain belief systems. Such as, in order to be accepted in society you have to look a certain way, act a certain way and think a certain way.  When it comes to religion you have to believe a certain way or you are not following the doctrines of the church. These are just examples of how society has made us liars to ourselves.

When you look in the mirror do see yourself with Love, or do you see the flaws you may have. Those flaws are only on the outside they are not a true depiction of who Your Soul is.

What thoughts do you think in the quiet moments of your life? Are they beautiful thoughts of Love or are they negative thoughts of worthlessness or thinking you’ll never have enough. Where do you allow your thoughts to take you?

What lies have you believed about yourself that others have said to or about you?…

That you are not good enough, you don’t measure up, you aren’t worthy, you’ll never be able to do that. They are comparing YOU to them and how they feel about themselves and what they feel they can do, that is not a reflection of you but of them.


The truth is…

You are enough, you are worthy, and you are beautiful. You don’t have to believe certain things…You are allowed to believe what your Heart tells you. You don’t have to be skinny, you don’t have to drive the most expensive vehicle, and you don’t have to fit into a certain clique.

You change your way of thinking. Easier said than done…right? Not necessarily so. Yes, it will take work but anything worthwhile always does.So, how you ask, do you stop this cycle?

First you have to admit that this is an issue. Then you have to make a conscious decision that you deserve better, that you are significant and you no longer need to tell everyone your health issues or challenges in life and stop allowing the lies to keep you from living your life to your true potential.

You take your power back by shifting your thinking. Don’t try and fight negative thoughts or be fearful of them, that will only give them even more power.  You begin by gently retraining your thought process, learn to acknowledge negative thoughts, emotions and lies, then you turn your attention to something good, something positive, something that will make you smile or happy or maybe even laugh, something that you love about yourself. Doing so will stop that negative thought in its tracks, stopping the flow of energy there and sending the flow of energy to your positive thoughts instead. It really is a simple process, but the fact is that we have gotten so accustomed to talking about and thinking about the negativity and the lies, our mind has hard time accepting the fact we no longer wish to think that way.

Don’t allow the above affect your Well-Being or break your Spirit!

Empower yourself and take control of your life and stop letting the negative control you. The only thing You have to be is YOU! Be true to you! Empower yourself! Don’t be a victim. Stand up and take your life back! You have the power to feel anyway choose….So CHOOSE to feel Empowered, Beautiful and Strong.

Know Your Worth! Live the Life YOU are MEANT to LIVE!