31 Transformation Affirmations for October

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Creating Transformation Through the Power of Affirmation: 31 Transformation Affirmations For October


It happens when we are open to it.

It happens when we welcome it.

It happens when we embrace it.

Most importantly, it happens when we actively seek it.

Thoughts, words, and intentions are powerful, but the secret-sauce lies in the actions we take.

We can visualize our success, but if we ignore the threads that show up which are meant to lead us to it, we aren’t going to realize that success. The results come when we take action and follow those threads.

Those threads may come as a feeling that you should be somewhere or reach out to someone.

They may arrive as an unexpected opportunity.

It may be an idea to create or write something.

Or they may be a nudge to work with someone or invest in a program.

Transformation happens when we act on the threads.

One of the most powerful ways to trigger transformation and get those threads appearing is by working with affirmations.

An affirmation is a powerful “change-agent” that sets in motion that which we seek.

There are a few things to understand about working with affirmations:

  1. Affirmations can be said out loud, quietly, or internally. You will gain different results with each process.

Saying them out loud, for example, is like shouting from the rooftops. For some, this may be too strong and create too fast of a shift. If you are working with an affirmation and saying it out loud, it may shift things too quickly and make you feel unwell such as sudden headaches not attributable to anything, or you find your life in an upheaval where everything seems to be shifting at once; (you asked for the change loudly and proudly, BAM! here it is.)

Don’t be afraid of this kind of change.  If you don’t like how fast things are shifting, modify the way you are working with your affirmation to slow things down.

  1. There is power in repetition.

The more you repeat your affirmation, the deeper you anchor in this new belief.

  1. Transformation seldom shows up as we thought it would.

The fear you feel, the dread you experience, even the overwhelm that arrives can all be a part of the change for which you have been calling. Use your breath to release energies that are rising. Everything we feel is energy. Even overwhelm is an energy we can release.

  1. When affirmations start to shift our experience, it’s time to take action.

Be open and aware of what is happening around you; of what you are being shown and of where you are being called to step up. Take action even if you don’t know where it is taking you.

Here Are 31 Transformation Affirmations for October:

As we move into October, a season of change; a month of harvesting the abundance of seeds planted and  a time of preparing the ground for what’s to come- here are 31 powerful affirmations that can help you navigate change, create abundance, experience gratitude for what you’ve created, empower yourself and prepare for what you want to grow.

  1. I am open to new things.
  2. I am comfortable with change.
  3. I embrace change.
  4. I have all that I need.
  5. I find joy in my everyday experiences.
  6. I see possibilities in change.
  7. I let go with ease.
  8. I am enough.
  9. I live in joy.
  10. I expand into all the space that is mine.
  11. I live with an open hand.
  12. I live with an open heart.
  13. I am ready to grow.
  14. I manifest my desires.
  15. I put myself first.
  16. I ask for what I need.
  17. I am capable.
  18. I am strong.
  19. I am full of myself.
  20. I am love.
  21. I am abundant.
  22. I live in love.
  23. I live in abundance.
  24. I am joyful.
  25. I am peace.
  26. I am powerful.
  27. I am magical.
  28. I am provided for.
  29. I live my passion.
  30. I am safe.
  31. I am free.

Do you have any transformation affirmations that you live by that did not get mentioned above? If so, please share them with us in the comments section below!

– Christine

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