4 of the Best Pieces of Advice I’ve Ever Received

4 of the Best Pieces of Advice I've Ever Received by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Advice #LifeAdvice

4 of the Best Pieces of Advice I've Ever Received by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Advice #LifeAdvice

Because I am an avid student of life with a heightened awareness, I have collected quite a bit of valuable advice along my journey.

The advice has come from authors, spiritual teachers, and my personal experience on the Earth plane, as well as Higher Sources like my own Intuition, spiritual energies that I or others channel, and Universal Consciousness.

These are all pieces of advice I have taken or still currently take and implement on a daily basis, as applicable. They have helped me “navigate” through the emotional waters of life, keep my head level, and remain balanced so I can respond in ways that benefit all, including me! Shared below is one serving of the best advice I’ve ever got on life, in no particular order.

Here Are 4 of the Best Pieces of Advice I Ever Received:

  1. Realize and Remember, “Everything Is Here to Help You.”

This piece of advice is a recent book title of, author and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn, that is easy to apply to EVERYTHING! His philosophy teaches us that everything in life is here to help us learn about ourselves and grow. Everything. Like, all the ups and downs, struggles and successes, the resistance and the flow – all of it is guiding us toward or along our Divine Path.

Seeing my life from that perspective changed everything. In difficult or uncomfortable situations or emotions, I’ve trained myself to look for the ways it’s making me better or guiding me to better. I look for things to be grateful for that support my journey, even if it’s showing me where I do NOT want to go. Sometimes I use it as a mantra just to calm myself down when it’s harder to see the benefit.

Try it out on your life. How can you see that everything is here to help you? Feel gratitude for what you notice and watch that area of your life or relationship shift for the better.

Along the same lines are these two pieces of advice. “Life is happening for me, not to me,” reminds me that I am supported and loved by the Universe and “the Universe has my back.” I can stop playing that victim card, drop the fear, and move forward knowing my universally-supported success is inevitable.

  1. Practice Gratitude, Daily.

Gratitude brings about miracles. It has shifted my deepest fears into my greatest blessings and has changed my life forever. Gratitude has led me to major breakthroughs and ah-has. Here’s a little bit of what gratitude has taught me so far.

Gratitude is a master key that unlocks ANY “block”. Do you want to know how to move through any situation or emotion? Start being grateful for it by seeing all the ways it is helping you learn about yourself, and others, and move forward with greater awareness.

What “roadblock” are you facing right now? In what ways are you feeling grateful for experiencing it? Take a moment right now to acknowledge the lessons you’re learning, the clarity you’re receiving, and all the subtle guidance there is to be grateful for, even if you don’t always see it. Now watch how your day and the situation or emotion shift for the better.

Gratitude is also a tool to attract anything you wish to manifest into your reality. By being grateful for your desire coming into your reality, you are tuning yourself, vibrationally, to receive it by Law of Attraction. Because you will be grateful when it comes, you can start to feel grateful now to draw it into you with more attraction power. Declare to the Universe, “Thank you for co-creating [my desired reality] with me,” and be on the lookout for signs of it popping up in your daily life.

  1. Forgive Yourself.

Whatever you did or didn’t do, know you did the best you could at the time with all you had and where you were. That goes for the things you’re currently doing or not doing too. The most positive and healthy thing you can do to free yourself from past and even more recent mistakes, regrets, and resentments is to accept what happened and allow it to teach you something so you’re wiser going forward. Be grateful for it, and move on.

As you began to forgive yourself more and more, it becomes natural to be able to forgive others as you can now empathize with their struggles. Forgiving others for what they do not yet know, that you might already know, reminds you of a time when you didn’t know either. With forgiveness, it becomes easier to accept others wherever they are along their journey and keep focused on yours.

  1. Be Your Own Best Friend.

This piece of advice came to me at a darker time in my life, when I really needed myself. I started seeking traditional talk therapy where this concept came up of being on my own side, rather than against myself. As an empath, I’d learned to care for others a lot more than myself. In fact, I’d been completely ignoring myself. Luckily, as soon as I learned of this concept, I was all on board, because I prided myself on being such a great best friend to my best friends. I was already playing the role well, I just needed to direct that attention towards myself.

In doing so, I’ve learned to listen to myself when I need someone to talk to, be there for myself when I need it, put things in perspective and keep it real, and encourage and love myself unconditionally. Being my own best friend has led me to become my own trusted guide in life.

These treasures of advice are a part of my daily toolbox.

If all I did throughout the day was remember that everything is here to help me or just be my own best friend, I’ve already won. I encourage you to add any one of these to your daily practices or freshen up one you already do with a new, deeper awareness. I look forward to sharing more advice as it comes!

What are the best pieces of advice you ever received that did not get mentioned above? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

– Kristin

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