4 Steps to Living in Flow

4 Steps to Living in Flow by Suzie Daggett #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #LivingInFlow

It is heartfelt fulfilling journey when you shift from being stuck in what should be done to the kind qualities of living in flow.

During a road trip taking our daughter to Tucson from northern California for a semester of field study, our family discovered the heartfelt generosity of living in flow. Driving over 2000 miles in five days, plus enjoying stunning hikes, and interesting architectural highlights in Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Tucson, and points in between, we found we were always at the right place at the right time; having a good time. How did this happen? How were we able to squeeze so much into a very tight time frame and feel stress-free and fluid in each moment? We gave ourselves high fives as we found we had just enough time to hike Indian Canyons before it closed, meet up with friends for dinner at the perfect time for all of us, get to a remote cultural landmark before it closed, plus so much more. I pondered this on the ride home (after dropping our daughter off at just the right time!).

I identified four qualities to living in flow which author, Penney Peirce suggests: “The Flow IS supporting you; just notice where your body-self wants to move, not what your left brain thinks it should look like.” Ah! That is definitely part of the process – paying attention to the body-self, sniffing the air to see where to move, what wants to be done, what wants to be felt, using the heart sense or the right creative brain rather than the usual busy overwhelming ego based left-brain.

Four steps to live in flow:
  1. Double-Bubble – we used the double-bubble to protect and guide us. If you do not know this technique, it is a simple energy process to imagine a colorful bubble or double bubble of protective energy to encircle the car, gear, ideas or yourself. We have used this lively method of energetic space shielding for years and believe it keeps us safe and in the right zone.
  2. Soft Plans – every day we made soft plans. By this I mean we checked with each other to see what we really wanted to do, and then, moved towards that goal. If we found we were doing too much or not flowing with ease, we felt fine with any changes made. Overzealous egos dictating “we should, or we must do something” felt counterproductive and heavy, thus were put aside.
  3. The Present – living in flow helped us stay in the present. Again, if we did not feel the need to cram another activity into our day, we recognized the value of what we were already doing and bounced back to the present moment. While not being geared to continuous doing, doing, and overdoing, we found it easy to enjoy the moments we found ourselves in. Being in the present avoids the dreaded future thinking of “what should we do next” … we did what came naturally.
  4. Gratitude – we spoke often of how grateful we were to be on the trip together, how much we were enjoying each adventure and how thankful we were for the flow we found ourselves in. This very conscious voicing of thanking the ‘powers that be’ continued to assist and guide us throughout the trip.

As you switch to living in flow, it is important to recognize when you are mentally trying to solidly control the future from your present reality – that is not flow. When you let your ego mind take over with an unachievable to do list – that is not flow. When you feel guilty for not attending a seminar, or visiting a well-known monument – that is not flow. Flow is when you find new soft allowing ways to be right here right now creating ease in your life. It is heartfelt fulfilling journey when you shift from being stuck in what should be done to the kind qualities of living in flow.

– Suzie

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