4 Steps to Proactive Health

4 Steps to Proactive Health By Suzie Daggett #WUVIP #CoreBlogger #SuzieDaggett #HolisticApproach #HealthyAlternatives #Organic #Remedies #Proactive #Health

This approach may not work for every illness, injury or disease, however, being your own proponent of health and wellness works for a more aware actualized life.

It was such a glorious fall hike with my women friends, and a school fund-raiser as well. After the hike, heading into the lodge for festivities, my foot hit an asphalt bubble. Up in the air, I went falling down hard on all fours. I was stunned and my friend immediately gave me arnica and rescue remedy. We made our way to the lodge where I gathered my wits since I was introducing the inspirational speaker. It was soon apparent that I was headed to the hospital instead. Turns out I broke my elbow. When the swelling went down, the doctor readied the cast. He said I would never have full extension of my arm and also arthritis due to the kind of break. Whoa! His ideas were not mine and his medical beliefs did not match to my body. I said “no thanks” and left. Instead of a cast, I cradled my arm and meditated for weeks on the injury. That was many years ago and I have full extension and no arthritis.

What I knew in my heart was I could help myself to heal the break. I did not believe the limitations posed by the doctor. I was proactive in seeking the right tools and took responsibility for my health. With the right attitude, belief system and modalities you also may be in a position to help yourself (depending on the injury or illness). First, get a baseline to know what you are dealing with then get proactive.

  1. You are not a statistic – get to know your strengths and beliefs. What rings true for you? Do you have the ability to stand up to authority and say no? Can you expand your horizons beyond what you know about western, alternative, or integrative medicine for a healing approach you believe in? This will take time and energy as you feel out what is right for you, not for others. You are not a statistic – you are an individual who knows or can know what your body needs. Be willing say no and find the yes.
  2. Check in – where have people found relief from a health issue like yours? Google your issue – then, check in with your body – does the practitioner or answer feel right in any part of your physical body? Your hand may feel warm, or you may get a vision of health, or hear yes or no, or your eyes may linger on a certain person or idea. You may not receive any information – yet. Trust your intuition, keep asking and discern what is best for you.
  3. Be actively involved – when you make a decision to take responsibility for your health, it will require a different and direct level of action. Taking a pill prescribed by a doctor is one thing, but getting out and riding your rusty bike twice a week, walking two blocks farther each week, choosing fruit over bread, or meditating on an issue is an active empowering way to help yourself. Remember, you are doing this for yourself, for your health and your peace of mind. It requires direct daily action.
  4. Be kind – when you are making the change from being a passive health recipient to self-responsibility, be kind to yourself. This may be a new pattern you are creating and you may feel confused until you get the hang of taking care of yourself. Once you start to feel the effects of being in charge, you will be stronger. You will be on the road to wellness.

This approach may not work for every illness, injury or disease, however, being your own proponent of health and wellness works for a more aware actualized life. You can be in control of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness. You may be able to heal some physical part of your body. A broken elbow is one example of what it took for me – what will it take for you?

The time is NOW to heal what is within ~ mind, body and spirit.

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