4 Ways to Be Happy In an Unhappy World

4 Ways to Be Happy In an Unhappy World by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #UnhappyWorld

Welcome to the 26 days of Happiness series! Today is day 1! Please meet featured author, Accolon Hollingsworth, from the soon to be released book: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, which will be released on February 11th!

Being happy in a world that is affected by abuse, trauma, and social dysfunction is challenging. There are many influences against happiness. But you can rise above them and be happy.

Here are 4 Ways to be Happy in an Unhappy World:

  • Strengthen Your Soul
  • Feel Love Self-Sufficiently
  • Commit to Enjoying All You Can
  • Contribute Your Happiness to Others
  1. Strengthen Your Soul

You strengthen your soul through challenges. Make the most of your challenges by using them as opportunities to increase your soul strength. Rely on your strength of soul to help you overcome adversity and stressful situations. The more you apply your soul strength to overcome what is unpleasant, scary, stressful, and worrisome, the stronger your soul will feel to you.

This is especially true when you use the strength of your soul to overcome your inner struggles such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Panic

Anxiety and Soul Strength

When you feel the strength in your soul and this feeling calms your anxiety, it becomes progressively easier to soothe yourself. You feel confident in your ability to help yourself that deescalates your worry to concern, which calms your anxiety. You feel more and more confident in handling what you are anxious about. You feel the reassurance of your soul strength. Each time you do, your past successes of relieving your anxiety reinforce how strong your soul feels to you. This has an accumulative effect.

Fear and Soul Strength

Feeling strong in your soul can reassure you when you are afraid. You can use this deep feeling of strength to calm your mind. You do this by focusing on feeling the strength in your soul. This prevents your mind from spinning uncontrollably in a fearful frenzy about why you think you should be afraid. Focusing your mind on feeling your soul strength focuses you into a calm centered mental state rooted in your ability to help yourself. Each time you enter this reassurance of inner strength, your soul strengthens more. This too has an accumulative effect.

Panic and Soul Strength

Panic, like anxiety and fear, can be calmed by feeling your soul strength. Feeling strong in your soul increases your confidence in your ability to handle what is panicking you (even if you don’t know what that is). When you don’t know what is panicking you, it is something in the depths of your being that needs help and reassurance, from something soothing deep within your being. Soul strength is something soothing deep within you and helps calm your panic whether you know the source of your panic or not.

How To Overcome Emotional Pain and Anxiety Like A Master
  1. Feeling Love Self-Sufficiently

It’s easier to be happy in an unhappy world (a world suffering abuse, trauma, and social dysfunction) when you can reliably feel love independently. When you are not relying on the world for love, the world’s abuse, trauma, and social dysfunction don’t prevent you from feeling love. This means you can support your happiness with love whether you feel love from other people or not.

This is a saving grace when you are isolated due to a pandemic or your connection with other people is limited for any other reason. This is also a huge help if the people around you are not behaving lovingly. You get to feel love anyway.

How do you feel love self-sufficiently? The good news about this is that love is part of your inner being anatomy. It exists as a part of you whether people are around you or if you are alone. The love in you simply is. All you need to do is feel it.

To feel the love in yourself, keep your heart open, and let yourself feel. It can be scary to do this if you are trying not to feel emotional pain. Keep your heart open anyway.

I tell you from experience that if you keep your heart open, you can feel love even if the world causes you emotional pain. Feeling the love in your heart can even heal the pain you would rather not feel. It can turn emotional pain into more love for you to enjoy. I tell you this because I have experienced it many times over. You can rely on such inner relief.

The point is that you can feel love self-sufficiently and this helps you be happy in an unhappy world.

  1. Commit to Enjoying All You Can

Being committed to enjoying whatever you can and all that you can overrides the anti-happiness influences in the world. Even when you encounter:

  • Stressful circumstances
  • Unpleasant situations
  • Hurtful interactions
  • Hardship

You can simultaneously enjoy what there is for you to enjoy. Being committed to this makes you mindful of what you can enjoy and enables you to embrace these enjoyments. This way you get to feel and experience more than unhappiness when an unhappy world affects you negatively. You get to feel happiness among unhappiness.

  1. Contribute Your Happiness to Others

By contributing your happiness to others, you deepen your happiness because your contribution fuels your feeling that you matter in this world. You also improve the world around you by positively affecting the people around you with your happiness. Share your happiness with the people around you because this adds to their happiness, which puts more happiness in the world. The more happiness you put into the world, the more the world positively affects your happiness.

If you have successfully applied something I have suggested in this article, tell us about it in the comment section below. You will inspire people with your success story! I invite you to connect with me on The Wellness Universe.

To your happiness!

– Accolon

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