4 Ways to Create Financial Prosperity in Your Life

4 Ways to Create Financial Prosperity in Your Life by Kathleen Boucher #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Prosperity

4 Ways to Create Financial Prosperity in Your Life by Kathleen Boucher #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Prosperity

“My prosperity thoughts create my prosperous world.” – Catherine Ponder

Is this true? Do prosperity thoughts create a prosperous world? What does prosperity look and feel like to you? Take a few moments to consider this. After all, if you don’t know what a prosperous life resembles, then how are you to know when you’re living it! It starts with being crystal clear on what prosperity signifies to you personally.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines prosperity as, “the condition of being successful or thriving; especially: economic well-being.” (1)

Prosperity represents a different state of affairs to different people. It is not always about money.

A cancer patient feels prosperous getting a clean bill of health. A homeless person feels prosperous being sheltered in a warm sleeping bag on a cold autumn night. A young man appears prosperous when he is chosen over 500 applicants to live in a studio apartment. The possibilities are endless.

Here are 4 Ways to Create Financial Prosperity in Your Life:

  1. Great Expectations:

“As you awaken each morning and emotionally prepare to meet the new day, either before arising or with your morning coffee, prepare yourself by writing out, verbally affirming, or silently declaring a number of times: I expect lavish abundance every day in every way in my life and affairs. I specifically expect and give thanks for lavish abundance today! In this way, you are sending prosperous thinking before you prepare a delightful, satisfying, and worthwhile day that will run to meet you, hour by hour, with its delightful surprises and satisfaction.” (2)

  1. The Power of Ten:

“The ancients believed the number “ten” to have a magical power of increase. Thus, beginning right now, whenever you think about money, whether it is your income, outgoings, the amount in your checking account, the amount in your wallet, the amount in your savings or investments – begin mentally increasing your supply by thinking about ten-times the amount coming to you.” (3)

  1. The Power of Ten Times Ten:

“A doctor who heard this principle explained thought quietly, ‘Why should I settle for the multiplying power of ten? Why wouldn’t the number be one hundred, which is ten times ten, be even more powerful in multiplying power?’ He, too, gave a dollar love offering at the conclusion of a lecture he heard on this subject, thinking, “I am giving; thereby invoking the law of receiving. I expect to receive one hundred times this amount, or $100. I give thanks that it quickly appears in perfect ways.” The next day he received $100 dollars unexpectedly.

  1. Dare to Think Big:

A realtor wanted to rent some apartments. His friends urged him to cut his rental price and told him that he was thinking too big. He had attended a prosperity lecture where he was told that you can never think too big. Dare to expect big results. This is the difference between a rich man and a poor man. So, he affirmed. “I love the highest and best in all people and I now draw the highest, best, and most prosperous minded people to me.” (5) As he persistently visualized and declared this statement he was able to attract people willing to pay his rental fees. He rented all of his properties.

Here are Some Simple Steps to Attracting More Prosperity in any Area of Your Life:

  • Get clear as to what prosperity means to you.
  • Set aside time in your day to meditate and visualize a prosperous life. Or do this just before you go to bed. The subconscious is very receptive prior to sleep.
  • Have fun. Enjoy yourself. As you meditate feel the emotions you’d feel as if your desire was already yours. Visualize the end result with all of your senses as though you are living it in the present moment. Cast aside doubt and feel prosperous.

 “Capture the feeling associated with your realized wish by assuming the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of the thing you desire, and your wish will objectify itself.” – Neville Goddard

  • Don’t worry how it will manifest. Your job is to meditate on what you want until you “know” you have it. Do not give up. Persist until you get what you are after.

“NOTHING is impossible, to you.” – Neville Goddard

Prosperity starts in the mind.

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” – T. Harv Eker

– Kathy

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