5 Benefits of Being Part of A Community

5 Benefits of Being Part of A Community by Rachel Frederick #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Community

5 Benefits of Being Part of A Community by Rachel Frederick #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Community

Barbara Streisand sang it best, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

But if you’re like me and tend to be more of an introvert (we’re in good company with the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, and Barak Obama), you occasionally need a reminder as to why the heck you’d want to surround yourself with more people.

In our earliest years, we’re confident, friendly, and quick to celebrate the smallest moments in life. As children, we don’t care who we’re with or what we’re doing as long as we get to play. It’s only later in life that we, unfortunately, start to question that free way of life. The older we get, the more likely it is that people will tear us down, challenge our opinions, and make us feel small.

It’s at those moments that we need a community of people more than ever. But how do you know if you’re part of the right community?

Here are 5 Benefits of Being Part of A Community:

  1. Encouragement

Your community must be encouraging. Life trips up each and every one of us sometimes, and when that happens we need people to remind us of our true potential. We each have a gift that we’re meant to share and finding people to remind us of that makes life a little easier.

  1. Support

Life happens, the good, the bad, and the unthinkable. It’s important to have people around to help carry you through all of the emotions. There’s a good chance that everyone in your community has something in common, whether it’s a location, a hobby, or a personal relationship. Find those similarities and form a bond because of them.

  1. Challenge

A community should challenge you to become a better person. Whether you need a new outlook on life, a new skill or hobby, or a support team to help you rise from a dark place. Sometimes we need tough love and raw honesty to show us that the biggest obstacle in life might just be ourselves.

  1. Celebrate

I was taught at an early age that it’s not polite to talk about myself. I was told over and over that it’s better to cheer for others than for yourself. And while that may be true, we all still need a support system of personal cheerleaders. We want other people to celebrate with us when we’ve done something amazing. After all, it feels great to be recognized for hard work and a job well done. Luckily, this is a perfect job for your community.

  1. Gratitude

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a community is the opportunity for you to give back. The self-fulfillment you feel when you give more than you receive is priceless. Helping and supporting others feeds your soul in a way that nothing else can. A community gives you reasons to celebrate the small things in life and people to be thankful for. And we all know we can never have too much gratitude in our lives.

Lucky for us, building a community of like-minded people is a growing trend right now. Whether it’s a local community organization, a group at the gym, or a Facebook group, I guarantee someone is nearby and ready to accept you with open arms.

No matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, no matter if you’re a business owner or a stay-at-home dad, no matter if you live in a large city or a small town, you’ll appreciate the benefits of a community (or two) in your life. Those like-minded people can be an amazing gift you didn’t even know you were missing.

– Rachel

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