5 Benefits of A Regular Spiritual Practice

5 Benefits of A Regular Spiritual Practice by Rosemary Knight #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #RegularSpiritualPractice

So, what is a regular spiritual practice?

Any activity, done regularly, that helps you remember who you are.  It can be formal, like attending a church service, meditating following a specific spiritual teacher’s prescription, or even going on a retreat.  It can also be informal like walking on the mountains alone, waking up earlier to connect with Source within, and accessing guidance for the day ahead.

Whatever it is, it leads you to a deeper connection to the power that lives within you, that has been there since you were put together in this body, and that knows you through and through.

It is not a religious thing with all the rules and regulations. You cannot be religious without being spiritual (unless it is simply a formality you undertake to avoid eternal damnation!), but you can be spiritual without being religious. This is because deep inside of us all, there is a longing to return to our true design.

A regular spiritual practice enables you to do this.

Why is this important?

Let Me Share with You 5 Main Benefits of Having a Regular Spiritual Practice:

  1. Get Clear on Your True Purpose

Having a new spiritual practice means you are committing to getting to know your true design and that this is important to you. And so it must be. We are all here for a reason and with a purpose that we get the choice to live out or not. The thing for most people is that there is an emptiness that pervades everyday life when you feel like you’re off course.

Choosing to begin a new spiritual practice means you are able to reach within you and pull out your true purpose as you listen intently to the divine guidance you get access to when practicing your new spiritual practice. I personally like to journal whatever I am sensing when I am practicing my spirituality. That might help you too; to get clear on why you are here and what steps to take to manifest it.

  1. Experience More Joy

You are born to experience joy in every moment of every day, but life comes with its distractions and hurts. This can take away your joy in ways you did not expect. Spending time in a spiritual practice can help you heal and return to your true centre.

There is also joy to be found in those profound moments that occur when you make space for them.

  1. Success is a habit

Sometimes, spiritual people expect that they will feel joyous, happy, and connected simply because they have named themselves to be spiritual. There is a tendency to think that it should all come naturally because we are spiritual beings. However, by choosing to put in place a new spiritual practice, you make it a done deal that you will experience success in connecting and experiencing the joy of living a connected life.

Success in any area of life is about establishing a habit; a habit of doing the actions that bring what you say you want, to life. So, if you want to be spiritual and connected, you must choose to put forth habits that enable you to grow in that area.

  1. Peace

How distracted do you feel as you go through each and every day? There are so many things that take up our attention and so many demands on our time. For a lot of people, they wake up and rush into the day without any self-care. A spiritual practice is a form of self-care. Waking up a little earlier than everyone else or carving out time at the end of the day or during the day means you are caring enough for yourself to bring you back to the NOW.

There is peace to be found in the NOW. Panic and stress are found in worrying about the future or in regretting the past. As you perform your spiritual practice, you learn how to live in the now, you get suggestions for the now and you recharge yourself in the now

  1. A Regular Spiritual Practice Will Improve Health, Relationship, and Overall Wellness

You are divinity; a spiritual being. Yes, sometimes you are constrained by your humanity, so it is imperative that you take the time to bolster your spiritual being, out of which your physical life emanates.

As you deliberately perform a new spiritual practice, you allow yourself to break free of the sameness of an old practice, you find renewed enthusiasm for your spiritual disciplines, you hear more clearly what you need to do to move yourself forward and that in turn, will cause you to feel a lot lighter on the inside which will lead to a reduction in relationship over-reactions, an improvement in your mental wellbeing which leads to physical wellbeing and an overall sense of being connected and evolving just as our planet is.

Developing a regular spiritual practice is imperative to a happy life. I hope you will take the time to cultivate one that suits you.

– Rosemary

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