5 Crystals to Help You Stop Emotional Overeating

5 Crystals to Help You Stop Emotional Overeating by Kelly St. Claire #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #EmotionalOvereating #EmotionalEating

Emotional overeating is one of the more difficult obstacles to a healthy lifestyle.

Emotions are something none of us can escape; we each have our own way of dealing with them. Eating brings a pleasurable release from tough feelings and it can be a temptation to escape into a bowl of ice cream or a bag of chips.

Many emotional situations can lead to a tendency to use food to deal with emotions. Emotions like jealousy and anger, or depression and anxiety, can lead us to eat our feelings.

Crystals can be a great ally on our emotional eating journey. Shared below are a few of the top crystals I recommend.

Here Are 5 Crystals to Help You Stop Emotional Overeating:

  1. Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite can help you regulate and improve your relationship with food. When you love food it’s difficult to think about reducing the intake to release excess weight. Blue Apatite helps you realize that you can enjoy food while not overeating. Realize that there is no shortage of yummy food and if you follow your natural appetite it will support your weight loss efforts.

There is a yellow form of Apatite which is excellent for digestion and will also help with reducing an overactive appetite; as well as aiding in the assimilation of nutrients and ease stomach distress.

  1. Sunstone

Sunstone helps reduce appetite and increase our metabolic rate. This is one of my favorite stones to lift mood and help with a “sunny” disposition. Joy and happiness dispel depression and other “bad” feelings that may lead to emotional eating.

  1. Lepidolite

I reach for Lepidolite when I need calming and mood regulation. It’s great for mood swings, depression and anxiety. I’m not sure about you, but when I’m anxious I reach for food mindlessly. You can put away a lot of food before you’re even aware you have, because you’re preoccupied with your worries. Lepidolite contains lithium which is used to treat mood disturbances such as bipolar disorder.

  1. Rose Quartz

Love conquers all and it helps dissipate any unpleasant mental state. Rose quartz is a light pink variety of quartz that softens the heart to receive love. Love is the balm that soothes heartache and I turn to Rose Quartz rather than food when my heart is hurting.

  1. Amethyst

This beautiful violet/purple variety of quartz is perfect for anyone with a problem with food addiction. It’s a highly spiritual crystal, as well as being protective and addressing specific addictions. Amethyst is great for not only “controlling” an addiction, but to find the spiritual root of the issue. This helps emotional eating be more of a lesson to benefit your growth than being ongoing torture.

Tuck a crystal in your pocket, sleep with it near you, make a crystal grid, drink “gem water” (be extremely cautious about stone toxicity), or make a crystal “mojo bag” and carry it with you.

While there is no magic bullet to beat emotional overeating, crystals can be an effective and important tool in your journey toward a healthier life and weight.

– Kelly

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