5 Emotional Well-Being Tips for Fall

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Fall. It’s an interesting word when you think about it.

What does it conjure up in your mind? Falling leaves, falling temperatures, falling daylight hours. There is a strong sense of the days shifting and not in a good way.

Where does that take you emotionally, after all the brightness, sunshine and outdoor enjoyment you’ve had over the past four months?


Don’t you find yourself falling into a feeling of sadness? A feeling of unhappiness? If you’re like me, maybe this doesn’t happen quite so much. I was born at this time of the year and it’s my most favorite. I love all of the changes that occur during this time. Yay! Embrace the joy of this change in season, if that’s you. If it’s not and you ‘fall’ into Fall; here are some tips to help get you through this new season.

Here Are 5 Emotional Well-Being Tips for Fall:

  1. Touch the Sunshine Inside You

You can imagine the sunshine, right? See the light and feel the warmth of the sun, whether you picture yourself out enjoying the pool, walking, or maybe hiking. The feeling attached to that picture, that image in your mind, is right inside you.

All you have to do is imagine and take yourself back there to enjoy the feeling; the experience.

What pictures did you take of your friends or family this Summer? Print them out, make a collage and feel the joy and love inside you that is Summer. That warmth is not only from the sun. It’s an inner warmth that you can always touch.

  1. Allow Yourself to Grieve the End of Summer

Yes, you read that right. I said, let yourself grieve. We often get so caught up in our busy lives, that we don’t allow ourselves to truly experience and allow our emotions to surface.

There might be part of you that’s angry that Summer is gone. If that’s the case, then let yourself BE angry. Notice that there is a sadness that you’re feeling because of all the things that will change because it’s Fall; less sunshine, fewer light hours in the day, less warmth, less ability to spend evenings out, fewer chances to go hiking in the mountains.

These are all things you can allow yourself to write on a list and feel sad about losing. It’s true; with the start of Fall, you have lost all those things. Be open to feeling the sadness attached to that.

Imagine what it is like to allow yourself to FEEL the loss.

  1. Find Something New to Experience and Enjoy

Spending too much time focusing on what you’ve lost isn’t valuable. What if there was a joyful experience that you could associate with Fall?

Maybe spending more time at the spa or having a connective massage.

What if it you set yourself a new food menu with warming and nurturing foods that makes you feel that warmth you’re craving?

Maybe it’s time to reconnect with someone that you’ve neglected during your busy Summer. What would it be like to rekindle the connection and warm it up?

Do you love reading? What if you spent time now that Fall is here, immersing yourself in a good book that makes you feel warm inside?

Or how about finding some old comedy or romantic movies that you’ve enjoyed in the past and let yourself laugh until you cry?

  1. Find Out What’s Good About Fall

There is sure to be something about Fall that makes you feel good. Is it warm coffee in a café with your best friend?

Is it watching the leaves change color? It’s a beautiful spectacle if you allow yourself to feel the wonder of nature and experience the beauty of it.

Maybe it’s that your children have gone back to school and you have more time to yourself. Yes, it’s okay to feel joy at having quiet time; at least for some part of your day. Time to enjoy things that you might like to do, or time to catch up and feel as though you’ve accomplished something for you, in your day.

  1. Notice If You Are Feeling Down and Engage in Self-Care

Sometimes when we feel down or sad, we either push the feeling away or dive deep into it; so much so that it feels like there’s no way out.

This is the perfect time to notice you’re feeling this way and be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to feel sad or emotional.

Spend some time on self-care. What does that look like for you? Take the time, for you, to care for you. Forget about everybody else for a second. I know they’re there; and YOU are just as important.

Your mood might have a ripple effect on others. You can’t make them feel what you do, they may sense how you’re feeling and take it on, as their own.

So, spend some time looking after you. That’s your job; to be okay looking after the ‘you’ that might have memories of unhappy Fall seasons. The ‘you’ that wishes things could be different and they’re not. Fall is going to come and go each and every year.

It’s time to nurture yourself and support your emotional well-being this Fall.

– Karen

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