5 Fascinating Facts About Yoga

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During quarantine, practicing yoga has been a gift from an angel. Being able to move in a way that focuses on uniting the body, mind, and spirit is something that has changed my life in more ways than one.

Not only has it been helping with strength, flexibility, and stress reduction (I can now stand on one leg without falling AND breathe calmly at the same time!), but it’s also helped with creating good mental health in these times of fear, uncertainty, and loss.

Before starting my practice, there wasn’t much I knew about it other than that the pose Down Dog helps with lower back tightness and the child’s pose feels amazing all the time.

As I’ve practiced more and more these last few months, I’ve wanted to know more about it and found some really cool information that you may not have heard before. Shared below are some facts about yoga that will make you want to grab a mat and start your practice.

Here Are 5 Fascinating Facts About Yoga:

  1. There Are Many Types

Yoga has been around for centuries, so it makes sense that there are several different styles, all with their own flows, focuses, and energies. But I never knew that there were as many as 13! The kind of movement you like to do will lead you to a style (or several) that will match your preferences and complement the lifestyle you have, there’s something for everyone.

Try out several different styles and see what feels best for you. The good news is, with 13 to choose from and millions of people practicing yoga, you’ll never get bored or run out of people to learn from.

  1. It’s Your Ankle’s New Best Friend

When you practice yoga, you’re working on building balance and awareness in the body. Many people may think that practicing balance is something for the older generation, but that’s not the case. Everyone needs balance for daily activities like walking, getting in and out of the car, and standing on one leg to put your pants on in the morning.

When you practice exercises that focus on your balance, you reduce the risk of hurting your ankles. Get ready to say goodbye to ankle twisting and spraining.

  1. It Can Help Your Brain Function Better

Because yoga focuses on conscious breathing and movement, it needs your head in the game and your focus on what you’re doing in that moment. Research has shown that yoga practitioners have more gray matter which is linked to better mental function and helps when you’re aging.

So not only will yoga help you right now in your day to day life, but it’s also setting you up for a future where the parts of your mind that are responsible for memory and processing information are being positively affected.

  1. It Helps Your Subconscious

Since yoga is all about connecting the mind, body, and spirit, it makes sense that it would allow your mind to go to a deeper level as you practice. Oftentimes, we are not tuned into the subconscious and remain unaware of our hidden feelings and emotions.

Yoga creates a space where you can slow down and focus on the movements while breathing rhythmically. This unlocks the ability for your mind to process what’s hiding beneath the surface.

  1. It Can Aid Your Digestion

Yoga can help with the physical symptoms of digestive discomfort like gas, cramping, and bloating. There are many poses that stimulate your digestive organs and help calm your mind, which is an important part of healthy digestion.

Sometimes anxiety and stress can interrupt the natural flow of your body’s digestive system, so something that addresses both mind and body like yoga can be a life saver.

If you’re looking for a new way to build better mental health, physical strength, and emotional healing, then grab your mat and get started with your Yoga practice. Find a teacher, an online class, and try different styles to find the one that gets you excited and motivated to show up for.

Have fun!

– Rachael

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