5 Fascinating Truths about Your Soul\’s Purpose

5 Fascinating Truths about Your Soul's Purpose by Alexis Pierce #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SoulsPurpose

5 Fascinating Truths about Your Soul\'s Purpose by Alexis Pierce #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SoulsPurpose

Ever wondered what your true purpose is, and how to know if you are really living it?

As a leading expert on living your purpose, clients often ask me:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I supposed to be doing?
  • Why does everyone else seem happy while I feel so disconnected and confused?

These questions can keep you stuck for years, feeling insecure, confused, and unsure of your next steps.

In this article, I share a few truths about your soul’s purpose that will help you break free from these questions and feel more focused, clear, and on-purpose in your life.

Here are 5 Fascinating Truths about Your Soul\’s Purpose:

  1. Your purpose is you – not what you do.

The term purpose is often confused with your career or work. We hear this repeated in everyday phrases like:

  • If only I knew my purpose, I could go do it.
  • I finally found my purpose once I started nursing, teaching, or mothering.

But your purpose is not outside of you. It is not something you have to find, do, or accomplish, or something you realize only through a role or career. If that were true, children and people who are retired, sick, out of work, or with special needs would not have a purpose.

Your purpose is not a job or what you do at any given moment. Meaningful work or contribution is just one way you can express your purpose.

Instead, your purpose is who you are, what you stand for, and what you naturally embody and bring to this world. It is so inherently tied to who you are, that you cannot be separated from it, even if you tried.

Your purpose is you.

  1. Everything you do, think, and feel is part of the path of your purpose.

If your purpose is you, then you might naturally think that you should just inherently know what it is. But your purpose is like an onion. At first, you only see the outer shell. Then once you start peeling, you discover layers are surrounding its core.

Your purpose is the same. The core is already there, completely whole and intact. But your experience of it is like an unfolding of more and more nuance, understanding, and awakening.

Here is the key part of this metaphor: the layers of the onion are not any less part of the onion than the core. In fact, some may consider the layers the whole point of the onion. This is true for your life too.

The path to your purpose and all the ways you explore and experience it throughout your life are not any less ‘on purpose’ than the ultimate truth of your being. They are how you experience it at any given moment.

What does that mean about living your purpose? It means that everything you do, think, and feel is part of the path of your purpose. You are the path. Which means you can use whatever is arising in your life right now to bring you to your soul’s truth.

  1. Pain is part of living your purpose, too.

Every part of your life is an invitation to live your purpose, including the tough times. Hurting does not mean you are off purpose. It means you are on what I call the shadow side of your purpose.

As the name implies, the shadow side is the inherent and opposite end of the inspiring energy you are here to hold and express in the world. It may feel like insecurity, fear, rejection, or your own specific essential pain. This pain acts as a doorway into a deeper understanding of your purpose.

That means two exciting things about your life and purpose:

  1. The pain you have experienced previously in life was a gift to help you embody your purpose more fully.
  2. When you notice yourself on the shadow side now, you can choose to see your fears and hurt as an invitation to embrace your purpose more fully.

Then the painful parts of your life help to flip you back into the light side of your purpose, and your entire life is in service to your soul’s truth.

  1. You have one purpose, and it is unique to you.

When you feel stuck in the painful shadow side, it is easy to doubt if you have a purpose or wonder if it changes over time. In my experience, these questions stem from confusing your purpose with how you express your purpose, aka, your job, hobbies, or current focus.

Your purpose is what your soul is focusing on in this life. It may show up differently or look and feel different depending on the circumstances of your life and what aspect of your purpose you are exploring, but your core purpose does not change.

As humans, our shared purpose is to love and be loved. But each one of us has a different interpretation of what love means and the best way to express it. Your specific purpose is how you uniquely focus on creating more love in the world – your special flavor of love and be loved.

  1. Knowing your soul\’s purpose is just the beginning.

Knowing your purpose can gift you a lot. It can instantly heal past wounds, open you to full and final forgiveness of yourself and others, as well as put your entire life into perspective. That is a tall order and one I stand behind 100%. I have seen miraculous and instant healing in client’s, time and time again.

But knowing your purpose alone cannot fill you with lasting satisfaction for the rest of your life. To do that, you also have to learn to live it and to consciously choose and take action on your purpose, in ways that feel good every day. That includes navigating the shadow side of your purpose with courage and conviction so that your painful experiences can enhance the light you shine in the world.

Then you will have the key to creating lasting and meaningful happiness, on purpose.

– Alexis

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