5 Lessons I Learned from My Mom

5 Lessons Learned from My Mom by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Lessons #Learned

Life, with its ups and downs, has continually unfolded new, exciting, and challenging situations. Each time I wake up, I know something new is around the corner, but I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.

These moments I experience always bring me back to the lessons I learned from my mom while she was alive (God bless her soul):

  1. She Always Said, Be Smart, Stay Alert

Not only was she smart but she also encouraged us as kids to be smart about things and the decisions we made in life. As a medical doctor, her profession demanded her to be smart in movement and especially when making decisions in a life or death situation. These engineer the brain to think at the speed of light which is a skill worth activating. Being smart, so far, has helped me take calculative decisions when I need to achieve the goals I set in life. This doesn’t come from sluggishness or depending on someone else’s view. This can be developed by reading, researching, and constantly giving my brain tasks to help it learn patterns of solving problems.

That being said, the physical body which is integral to our movement, skills, and emotions should be kept in good shape. This shows in how we walk, talk, and transform ourselves, therefore exercise is also vital in staying smart and alert because you activate the hormones required to help you achieve your goals. In today’s world, we can also add skills tests and games that help you project the future, as well as puzzles.

  1. Work Hard So You Don’t End Up Sad

Working hard doesn’t mean neglecting rest or killing yourself over things that can’t be undone. My mom showed me that sometimes people work so hard to the detriment of their health and yet yield no tangible results. She worked hard and used her skills to save lives and help in ministries, and she never sat idle except when she was resting. She always reminded us that without work, you are going to starve, and your talents will get diminished in the long run. In the event that this happens, you end up blaming people for your misfortune when you could have created an empire for yourself. So today, I follow that advice to not to sit around idly waiting for some miracle, rather I move myself to work for what I intend to enjoy in the present and future. When you are fulfilled, it is difficult to be sad while looking at how far you have come and what you have learned along the way.

  1. Multiply, Don’t Rely

Some people have the notion that you have to stick with only one thing, but I discovered that this isn’t true. Yes, you can stick with one thing at a time, but you can also get several things going at the same time. I was taught to discover my talents through my mom, yes talents, creativity which ranges from drawing, painting, talking, sewing, planting, designing, beading, hair making, baking, and several others. It is possible to be excellent at each of the skills you have if you choose to develop them. Now that I’m all grown, I see that each of these skills becomes useful at one time or the other, thereby multiplying my source of income or substituting it when one or more doesn’t work out at a period of time. I must say that it’s important for you to discover your skills, polish them for the day when they will actually be needed to bail you out. Thank you, mom, I’m glad you gave me this part of you.

  1. Be Ready to Stand Alone

In our social world today, people may disagree that it’s okay to stand alone. Yes! I hear the words just there, “no man is an island on its own.” I agree, but on the other hand, there are times when standing alone comes to you either by choice or by force. Then your test of resilience begins to bang on the door of your mental health. It almost seems impossible, but in life, you can be surrounded by people but still alone. How do you handle this?

I come to remember how my mom faced life without support at some point in time. It wasn’t easy but it made her stronger and in turn, she was strong for us kids. This showed me that sometimes being alone just allows your inner spirit build; you mature and learn to make decisions that will otherwise have been altered if surrounded by people. Even at work, when you can’t learn to stand alone, you may end up compromising that character you hold dearly to your heart. We agree to disagree, and this shouldn’t be just because others are doing it, it should come from us. That being said, you shouldn’t stay alone too long for foolish reasons and you shouldn’t be too needy that you end up making wrong choices just because you are afraid to stand alone. It pays to stand if need be.

  1. Enjoy the Good Things in Life

Remembering how my mom usually sat with us and cracked jokes were the priceless times in my life. She knew how to enjoy nature, good food and drinks, and play games with us. Now I know why. This brings peace, a feeling of freedom and joy, while sharing your inner self with those close to your heart. With the spirit of generosity, she never hoarded and taught us that when we worked, we should reward ourselves with things that boost our health physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially.

There are many more lessons and as I write they keep coming back to me. I’m sure everyone must have learned from their mom.

Take a few moments to go back to what your mom taught you and appreciate the lessons learned, good or bad.

– Amanda

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