5 of my Favorite Power Crystals

5-of-my-favorite-power-crystals-by-heather-lang-wuvipEverything has energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. Energy is not just the electricity that lights your home and activates your appliances. It is not just the gas that warms your home, or the type that fuels your car. Energy is also how your heart beats, your lungs breathe, and your mind functions. Energy comes from everywhere and everything. Some energy is high, and some are low. Depending on the type of energy, you can see, feel and/or hear it.

We have energy fields, called chakras, auras and different types of energetic bodies, such as physical, emotional, spiritual, karmic, etc. We hold onto and exchange energy with other energetic bodies. By using methods and tools, we can change energy within and around us, thus healing ourselves, raising and changing our frequencies into a more positive state.

The Law of Attraction states that the energy we exude, we attract back to us. Thus, we need to change and raise our energy to attract higher vibrational energies of abundance, prosperity, love & more. There are many ways to change energy within us and around us. Reiki energy, Feng Shui, healthy eating habits, yoga and Color psychology are a few ways to lift and change energy our energy. Crystals are another method to help change our energy.

Hundreds of different types of stones and crystals exist which can be used to help us change our energy. I use many methods and many crystals in my personal life and my Reiki sessions. I’m intuitively guided to know which ones a client, or myself, may need.

5 of my favorite power crystals that I consistently use are:
  • Citrine 

A very uplifting, energizing and warming stone, Citrine can remove negative energy and impart more joyful energy. It can help open up your intuition, increase your self-confidence, self-worth, and self-empowerment. It is a wonderful stone to help with abundance and prosperity. It encouraging generosity and also helps retain wealth. I always feel uplifted with Citrine. I have it in my home, carry them in my purse and on my person.

  • Carnelian

Both very grounding, and highly vibrational, Carnelian helps with creativity, vitality, and motivation. It can protect against anger, resentment, and jealousy, transforming it into more positive emotions. It can help stimulate the metabolism and is wonderful for the female reproductive organs when used on the sacral chakra. Placing this stone near your front door also invites in more abundance. I have a heart shaped one very near my front door, and also carry one in my purse and/or in a satchel, helping increase prosperity, creativity, and happiness.

  • Rose Quartz

This beautiful stone is highly known for love. It can help with all types of love, including self-love, family, siblings, friends and romantic relationships. It cultivates unconditional love while attracting love. It can restore harmony in current relationships. This stone can release past hurts, creating space for new love to enter. I use this stone in my Reiki sessions, around my home, and wear it to manifest Love in all ways.

  • Moonstone

As its name suggests moonstone is very connected the moon, reminding us that all aspects of life waxes and wanes, or has its ups and downs. It is a highly feminine stone helping to balance the male and female energies within us. It helps increase intuition and can help develop psychic abilities. It helps create emotional balance, removing stress to allow for deeper emotional healing. I find when I wear it, I am more empowered as a female, using my intuition to interact better with others, as it also helps realign me into balance.

  • Black Tourmaline

This wonderful stone protects against all types of negative energy. It absorbs energy emitted from electrical devices, which causes a type of energetic exhaustion. It helps remove negative thoughts, stress, and tensions, helping to promote a more grounded and peaceful attitude. It helps boost the immune system, protecting against dis-ease, while facilitating physical vitality. It can also help realign the spine. I have black tourmaline in all areas of my home, and I noticed immediately how much better I felt.

I suggest visiting a metaphysical store and picking up different crystals to notice the differences in energy and getting ones, which feel good to you. Or using an intuitive, like myself, who can help direct you to ones you can use to help you powerfully and positively energize and impact you.


Heather Lang