5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit

5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit by Patricia Young #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #PassionIntoProfit

Have you been considering starting your own business? Maybe start it on the side while you still have some steady income coming in? Some of us have an entrepreneurial nature and it’s hard to work for someone else.

Feeling that you don’t belong in your job is very common, you might even be successful at it and make a good check every month. You’re providing for your family, you can even buy nice things, etc. You know you must be grateful for that, but you might have a voice inside of you telling you “who do you think you are for wanting more? You should be happy with what you have.” But deep in your heart, there’s this longing for more meaning.

If you’re not sure of what could be a great business idea, so you feel passionate about working on your business every day, you will need to start by identifying your passions, interests, and getting clarity on what comes natural to you – your natural abilities.

Make a list of the things that you’re passionate about, but don’t hold yourself back here. Anything is possible! Once you have clarity on what your passions are, you need to start by focusing on the most fulfilling one, and brainstorm different ways to monetize it.

However, keep in mind that passion alone will not make a successful business! You need much more to make a profit with your business.

Here’s a list of 5 simple ways to turn your passion into profit:
  1. Get clear on what problem you’re solving – Who is your product/service for? What are their problems, challenges or desires? What do you have that you know you can give them? Knowing what problem you solve is paramount!
  2. Sell Your Passion – come up with products that are linked to your passion. For example: If you’re passionate about health, fitness, nutrition, fashion, etc., think about products that you could sell that are directly or indirectly related to those areas, and decide if you want to have a local shop or an online store, and then open a Gym, open a juice bar or a healthy restaurant, sell vitamins, open a boutique or online store where you can sell designer’s clothing, accessories, etc.
  3. Spread the Word – In order for you to get more exposure and position yourself as an expert, you could create a blog around your topic and monetize it, write a book, write articles for magazines and/or other people’s blogs, make presentations to groups, teach classes, etc.
  4. Become a Consultant – Monetize your expertise and customize it to serve your client’s specific needs on a more private setting – one-to-one. You could do this with individuals or becoming a consultant for corporations, etc.
  5. Build a Tribe – Create a community of people that share the same passion and position yourself as the expert. Organize events, workshops, classes and charge them per person or per class. If you’re into health and fitness, organize a group of classes and sell products related to the topic. If you’re into fashion, host a fashion show, a trunk-show, et. You could invite sponsors and let them showcase their products.

Always keep in mind that about 80% of people make purchasing decisions to solve problems they have, and they will only buy because of any of these 5 things:

  1. To look good
  2. To feel good
  3. To save time
  4. To save money
  5. To make things easier (convenience)

Like I mentioned before, Passion alone will not make a business successful. Some of the keys to success are persistence, trusting yourself, being willing to learn from others, being willing to invest in your personal growth, and being willing to invest in getting the right support, so you can develop skills as a business person and treat your business like a business.

You’re here on the planet for a reason. You’re a catalyst for change and I want to remind you that you can create change in your own life and other people’s life. Your gifts are needed in the world now more than ever!

Here’s a resource that will help you, I invite you to read 9 Things You Need to Unlearn If You Want to Become an Entrepreneur & Live Your Purpose.”