5 Tips to Wake Up Feeling Inspired

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Do you find it hard to wake up fresh and all motivated and full of energy?

Do you find that getting up happy and inspired to take the day’s challenges is a very hard or even impossible task? Being inspired and, staying inspired and motivated is important to achieve one’s goals but let’s face it, it requires dedication and some persistence. There needs to be some discipline and implementation of a routine to   follow to feel inspired as soon as you wake up to face the challenges of the day.

So, can you really wake up every morning so inspired that you jump out of bed and can’t wait for the day ahead to get started?


The very first fundamental objective is to know what you truly enjoy doing in your life or desire from your life. You can make a list if needed and narrow down the activities/goals/objects etc. Once you know for sure, you can follow these tips below to start feeling inspired as soon as you wake up, so you can face the challenges of the day.

Here Are 5 Tips to Wake Up Feeling Inspired:

1.           Sleep Inspired:

It is important to sleep with a feeling of happiness and content and free of stress. I have discovered that I get up inspired if I sleep with a positive note and thoughts. So, before you sleep, read something positive, something that makes you happy- it can be a list of things that you accomplished that day or a quote or mantra that works for you.

2.           Finish Your Daily Chores Before You Sleep:

There may be chores that contribute to your relaxation like you may be one who likes to come into a clean kitchen in the morning OR someone who likes to finish answering all the emails before sleeping. Prioritize and finish the tasks or chores that disturb your mind or make you feel annoyed or irritable. Remember, not ALL tasks are a Priority!!

3.           Vision Board:

A simple collage or collection of pics that summarizes your goals and ambitions does the trick. Our brains constantly need to be reminded of what we want from our lives. Having it written down Or a picture that represents your desires, creates a massive shift in our psyches and belief systems because what is simply a thought and a dream suddenly becomes tangible and clearly visible for everyone to see. Your board is personal and can have pics of places you want to visit, the house you would like, quotes that motivate you, etc. It serves as a good reminder for you can manifest what you want, if you have the intention.

4.           Create A Calming Space:

A bedside picture collage of people you love, or memories that bring a smile on your face. You look at those pictures before you sleep and one of the first things that you look at in the morning. It will definitely make you feel loved and happy and helps let go of the lethargic feelings. Having a peaceful ‘My go to spot’ works wonders! A corner or space with a cushion or lamp or candle; anything that can be your space to relax. Just being near it or looking at it can relax the nerves; let go of any tension and make you feel motivated.

5.           Gratitude:

Be grateful! Maintain a gratitude journal that you fill in every night before you sleep. Just writing 2 or 3 things that you are grateful about- sometimes it can be a simple activity or event that seems insignificant, like zooming your way because you got all green lights and reached your destination on time. Keep this journal close to your bed and read a few every morning.

So, get ready to wake up feeling inspired and ready to cease the day!

– Monica


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