5 Unspoken Advantages of Exercise

5 Unspoken Advantages of Exercise by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #UnspokenAdvantages
Rise up and breathe in the newness of each beautiful day; feel the outdoors calling out to your body for some exercises.

Feel your body asking if today is the day to work out those cold muscles. Are you willing to obey those voices telling you that there are unique benefits to even the simplest of all exercises? Ok, let’s gear you up!

Exercising has numerous benefits to the body, mind, and soul while helping individuals address problems uniquely and naturally.

Here are 5 unspoken advantages of exercises:

  1. Body Detoxification

When your exercises are planned and executed properly, they work the body into a detoxifying mode whereby the body takes up the responsibility of cleansing itself naturally without any external interference. During exercises, the organs are made to respond by removing waste from the body more efficiently. For example, the sweat glands and pores open to release sweat more efficiently, the respiratory system is eager to exhale carbon dioxide during activity such as deep breathing in yoga creating a better circulation throughout the body. Getting it yet? OK, let’s hear from…

  1. Breaking Addictive Habits

Perhaps you’ve heard that addiction to negative habits such as smoking, reckless drinking, drugs, and even laziness could be a disaster to the human body. While all these shorten lifespan, cause irreversible illness or disease, exercises do the exact opposite and break these habits by gently reducing the craving for them. How does this occur? During exercises, the body releases and elevates hormones or chemicals such as dopamine, which initiates a pleasurable reward to the body causing the individual to improve motor performance and return to the same activity. In other words, exercise causes a deviation from addictive habits that people derive pleasure from. Convinced yet? We’re still rolling…

  1. Mood Stabilization 

Do you usually have mood swings that get you twisted during the day? Exercises can be the answer to this emotional and mental downside. Engaging in a properly planned exercise programs can get your body to stabilize your mood. Anger, anxiety (associated with shortness of breath and an increased heart rate), depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can all be lowered and eliminated with exercises. Because when you engage your body in these activities, it responds with a feeling of achievement, calm, happy spark bringing you out of the unbalanced state of mind and setting you in a more relaxed zone calming the nerves and relieving tension from each part of the body. Exercising in groups may also help to alleviate the feeling of loneliness because it increases interaction with you and others thereby stabilizing your mood.

  1. Body Cell Regeneration

As we age day to day, the body will gradually lose some of its youthful strength and abilities. However, when an individual is regularly engaged in exercises, the body has the opportunity to regenerate new cells allowing the body to perform its normal function more efficiently. Scientists in Hong Kong found out that the exercises we perform aids neurogenesis (regrowth of brain cells) that helps keep human learning and memory intact. Other research has also shown that an active body supports stem cell-induced regeneration and hasten elimination of old cells leaving the body young and strong. Isn’t this Heavenly? Just think about it!


Beautiful people take note: Engaging in exercise is an approved way to avoid, manage and eliminate the risk of hypokinetic diseases. According to health experts, there is a group of symptoms associated with sedentary living, which includes weak skeletal muscles, low bone density, poor metabolic fitness, and low cardiovascular fitness all combined in one (Ref: Charles Corbin; concepts of physical fitness, 12th edition). Planned moderate to vigorous physical activity can stimulate the body, causing it to burn excess fats, use up sugar appropriately and strengthen the muscles of the heart enabling it to function properly over the years. Adequate exercise can sufficiently strike out each of these symptoms bringing the individual out of the high-risk zone to the lower-risk zone and increase their chances of survival.

I’m sure these little advantages have convinced you to be a beneficiary of the free wonders exercise gives our bodies. Live life full, sound and beautiful.

So, let’s get set and ready to work it out!

– Amanda

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