5 Ways to Become Unshakeable

5 Ways to Become Unshakeable by Damini Celebre #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Unshakeable

I don’t know about you, but I’m super glad we are nearing the end of 2020! This year has been unprecedented.

It’s been a year of freaking out and getting calm. Feeling lost and getting clarity.

There’s the possibility that the first half of the new year may not look any different than now, but 2021 feels more hopeful. Next year feels like it is full of possibilities. The possibilities of being able to dream again and take action on what my heart is whispering to me.

When there is so much fear and despair in the ethers, it’s easy to stop envisioning a life filled with happiness. And when you stop hoping and dreaming, it’s easy to lose your way and feel beside yourself.

That’s why we need to find tools that help us stay in our power. There are many different ways to be empowered. (Check out other blogs in the Wellness Universe, you’ll find some truly brilliant suggestions). This is how I maintain being empowered in my body, mind, and heart.

Here Are 5 Ways to Keep your Body, Mind, and Heart Unshakeable:

1. Recognize

Be aware of your patterns. First, you must recognize that you’re going down the path of fear rather than traveling the way of your heart. That can look like being easily overwhelmed and freaked out, or experiencing sleeplessness and feeling hopeless, or hearing yourself say “I can’t” instead of “I CAN!” When you recognize your pattern, acknowledge it. Say “Oh, hello, Freak Out.” Or “Hi there, Hopelessness.”

2. Redirect (Energy follows intention.)

Put your feet on the ground, take a breath in, then wiggle your toes. Sounds simple, but honestly, it is one of the most powerful tools to come back to yourself. Energy follows intention. In other words, your twirly mind, freaked-out heart, and all the madness you take on goes down to your toes and out of your body with your breath and neutralizes all that Eeek! Plus, focusing your energy down inside you helps bring you back into your body so you can be centered, grounded, and clear.

3. Find Your Yes!

Your body wisdom guides you in so many ways, in both subtle and downright obvious ways. When you follow your body’s cues by paying attention to your sensations or your emotions, you can ask your body-led intuition Is this next step right for me or Is this next step not right for me right now?

Here’s an exercise in learning how to follow your heart’s Yes:

Feel your feet on the ground. Take a deep breath in. Soften your eyes. Take a moment and notice how you feel in your body. Feel what’s tight. Feel what’s relaxed. Feel what’s cool and feel what’s warm. Now say to yourself, “My name is [say your name]” and notice how you feel in your body. Next, say to yourself, “My name is” and choose a different name. Notice how your body responds to that statement.

Here’s what to look for: when you say your name (the name you like to go by), your body responds with a YES!, which feels easy and calm, settled, or expanded, or feels like you want to take a deep breath in. When you say another name, you might experience unease and agitation, or tension or a sense of contraction. These sensations of YES! or NO can be subtle or not so subtle. The more you practice, the more you’ll discover how to identify your personal YES! and NO signals.

4. Manage Your Inner Demons

Recognizing and getting control of those chattering self-deprecating demons inside your head is essential to regaining your power. Don’t worry, you don’t see them when you look in the mirror, but you might hear them whispering in your ear!

Some cues that your inner demon is trying to keep you from staying centered and in your power is when you suddenly get restless, distracted, keep hearing yourself say “I can’t,” or you find yourself procrastinating, you are grumpy, cranky & ache-y, or you are filled with extreme malaise, even exhaustion.

These feelings can help you recognize when your inner demon is running the show, keeping you from following your heart and your intuition.
When you notice any one of this suddenly coming on, take a pause and check in with your body and heart. Is it your inner demon whispering in your ear? Then say, “Bye-bye inner demon, I’m following my hearts’ Yes! right now.”

5. Realign with Your Heart

When you come down from your swirling head to your steady heart, you can realign with what your heart holds essential. Your body wisdom and your heart’s Yes! lead you to your inner guidance, so you can start following what is true and right for you. When you find your Yes! you begin to trust yourself enough to follow where it leads you.

Add these five steps to your tool kit, so you can feel centered, grounded, clear, and able to follow your heart again. In short, you can be unshakeable!

‘Cause when you are unshakeable:

• You aren’t a doormat for everyone else, and you can put yourself first
• You can stop feeling like you are being dragged through the wringer
• You can make clear decisions
• You can follow your inner compass, your heart

When you come back inside your heart, you connect with your inner wisdom and say, “Hell Yeah, I want to be empowered, in control, and unshakeable in my life AGAIN!”

– Damini

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