5 Ways to Fix Broken Thinking

5 Ways to Fix Broken Thinking by Cindi Jeffrey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BrokenThinking

5 Ways to Fix Broken Thinking by Cindi Jeffrey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BrokenThinking


They can be our biggest advocate or worst enemy. These little gems can dictate our behaviors without ever being seen by the naked eye. Thinking is continual within our stream of consciousness, and until we realize the depth of our thoughts, we may not even realize the power and control they have over us.

Try this, sit quietly for a few moments. Do NOT focus on the number of minutes or set a timer. Do not fret about what else you should be doing. Just sit. What did you think about? Were you able to focus on one specific thought or did you jump from thought, to picture, to list of things you need to do, to memories, to ideas?

This exercise demonstrates how much power thoughts have over each one of us. Consequently, when these are continually negative, they impact our lives in destructive and deplorable ways.

When you continually tell yourself that you are not good enough, not good looking enough, are fat, aren’t smart, you begin to behave as such. How differently would your life look if you changed the direction of your thoughts, reshaping your actions?

5 Ways to Fix Broken Thinking:

  1. Awareness —

Become connected to your thoughts. How? Become aware of those dysfunctional “old tapes.” Many of us have a loop of old tapes playing continuously in our head. Become aware of the triggers, the words, and thoughts.

  1. Challenge them

When those old tapes appear, challenge them. Ask yourself if those thoughts are true. Are you really fat? Are you not worthy of success? Remember, those recordings typically come from a negative influence in our lives, past or present. So, challenge those thoughts. Tell yourself, you are healthy and strong, you deserve this promotion, and you will pass this test.

  1. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones

Rather than tell yourself you will fail the test, tell yourself why you will pass. You have studied, you are prepared, and you are quick to learn new concepts. This can also be done with affirmations. Find affirmations that connect deeply within your soul and print them out. Place them throughout your environment, so you always see them and be reminded of them.

  1. Gratitude

Practice a daily ritual of gratitude. Every evening before you go to sleep, write down ten things you are grateful for. While you may find this awkward at first, the longer you practice this, the more quickly you will think of things to write. When you fill your mind and heart with gratitude, it is hard to be negative, and you begin to take note of the blessings in your life.

  1. Remove the toxic people from your life

When you surround yourself with people who love you and lift you higher, it is easier to be more positive, and you begin to see what they see in you. You will also notice an increase in energy, as you will not be bogged down with the negativity and critical thinking of others.

You are Worthy

You are worthy of loving and being loved. You are worthy of growing and learning and being successful. Be patient with yourself, changing your thinking takes time. After all, it probably took many years to develop those old tapes. Ultimately, the decision to change must come from within and on those occasions where you feel less than confident, fake it until you make it and keep moving forward.

– Cindi

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