5 Ways to Manage During Self-Isolation

5 Ways to Manage During Self-Isolation by Lynda Kaplan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #SelfIsolation

Do you know a friend or family member having a lot of frustration with getting everything done at home right now?

Working at home, managing kids, concerned with older parents, trying to get it all done? What happened to time for oneself?

Taking a moment to know that these are very different times from just a few weeks ago can help put some perspective on our demands for ourselves.

Much of the stress and frustration that many of us are experiencing has been the result of various factors which can be different for each of us:

  • Some of us have lost a job
  • Some have kids at home
  • Some are now working at home, minding kids, and caring for ageing parents
  • Some are going to work and coming home to kids and everything else to do as well
  • Some people have unwell family members too

Whatever your situation, what you did not do was to willingly choose this situation that you, I, and people in many countries are faced with now. This Covid-19 virus is unseen too.

We are faced with (mostly) self-isolation that is not of our choosing, and it sucks for most of us!

The majority of people want to do the right thing and follow official guidelines:

“Stay home, self-isolate, wash hands.” We know the drill! We also want to prevent unnecessary grief from other people contracting the virus. But what can be done about the isolation and stress or the frustration that many people have going on at this time? 

Here Are 5 Ways to Manage During Self-Isolation:

  1. Perhaps the best tip is to get up in the morning, and have your breakfast and your favourite cuppa, without looking at your phone or listening to the news. A simple idea, and perhaps a more difficult habit for many people to break! Just enjoy the moment you are in right now. You can listen or read news a little later in your day.
  2. Wear something that makes you feel It sounds so simple. But even the colour of your shirt or dress can make you feel better.
  3. Have you ever tried meditating? Sounds peculiar? There are reputable articles that you can read a bit more about it and learn of its varied benefits. There are lots of ways and varieties of meditation too, so if one way does not resonate with you, give another variety a go. My favourite go-to person for meditation is Deepak Chopra. (I don’t get any rewards for recommending him nor do I know him personally, although I wish I did!) I have practised meditation for many years.  I feel better overall when I do meditate. Maybe it will assist you too? Even if meditation is not for you, how about taking 3 deep breaths as you read this article? That helps too!
  • Stress reduction is a major benefit of meditation.
  • Lower blood pressure is also a benefit.
  • Listen to someone else that conducts the meditation.
  1. Aim to eat regular and nutritious meals. Food is your fuel. There are heaps of recipes online too. You can always get food via restaurant/cafe home-deliveries if you can afford it too. A friend asked for recipes to be emailed to her this week and will share them with her friends. That’s a refreshing idea too! Nutritious food helps with your energy levels, can ease stress, and helps to keep you functioning at your potential best. Go to the fresh-food isle (while social-distancing of course) or you can order groceries online for delivery in most areas, if you cannot get to the grocery store. I order online and it is really fantastic! Ask a family member or neighbour to help if you need it too. I like my chocolate. So, a biscuit with my midday cuppa is my treat. What do you like?
  2. Look outside at the beauty in front of you. What catches your eye today? A favourite tree? A colourful and fragrant flower? Various dogs being walked by their owners? Clouds in unusual shapes above? What surrounds you in your favourite room? Being surrounded by items that bring you joy, and love will help you feel better too. 

Is getting professional help saying that you are hopeless? No! Getting help, if needed, is long held as a sign of strength! If you are not going well, please reach out to your doctor, a psychologist, or other help offered in your area. Lifeline (*) is also there if you need to talk to someone now. You will likely feel better. And sooner.

Reach out and call a friend or a family member. Just saying “hi” can help lessen the varied feelings that are being felt by many people in self-isolation.

These strategies might come in useful not just when we are collectively experiencing self-isolation, but in the future, when someone you know, or yourself, could be faced with frustrating events that are not of your planning.

Give it a go. Please share these ideas with those you love as well. You will surely come up with your own ways to make your day work best too. 

Whatever you do today, aim to take more notice and enjoy what is in your surroundings, indoors and out. Give these ideas a go, and do what feels best for you

For more ways to get balance, please view my book, Loving Me- How to Love and Cherish Yourself (**) available at Amazon worldwide.

Be kind, be happy, be healthy, be well!  

– Lynda Kaplan


  • (*) https://www.lifeline.org.au/get-help/topics/crisis-support
  • (**) https://www.amazon.com/Lynda-Kaplan/e/B017LTNCNO?fbclid=IwAR36AIZyJRlnOZHR6Z2RShOxupAcJ54YgtExzi3y90-XntkqqipxgsW3Y0g

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