5 Ways to Settle Into Yourself

5 Ways to Settle Into Yourself by Damini Celebre #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Settle

5 Ways to Settle Into Yourself by Damini Celebre #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Settle

This time of year, when crops are at their ripest and insects are surrounding us with a symphony of song, is the time of the Earth Element.

In the Five-Element system of healing, Water (Winter), Wood (Spring), Fire (Summer), Earth (Late Summer), and Metal (Autumn) are expressions of how the Web of Life (Nature) shows up. We, too, are part of the Web of Life. How do we SHOW UP?

This time of Earth energy is slower and more deliberate, allowing All-The-Time-In-The-World to ripen your ideas, your dreams, your family, your career, your tomato plants. This is the time to settle back into yourself — back into your body, to look at the fruits of your life.

5 Ways to Settle into Yourself:

  1. Give Yourself Time.

We live in a culture where “busy” is seen as the standard of success. Now is the time to set aside a few hours — to stare at the clouds or watch the wind move. Let your mind-heart-soul settle.

  1. Walk Barefoot.

One of the best ways to discharge stress is to walk on the Earth. Feel the dew between your toes, feel the Earth supporting you. Invite the stress of your should-haves and ought to-dos (or whatever keeps you up at night) leave through your feet, dissipate, discharge. Invite the solid, stable, grounded energy of Momma Earth support you for a while.

  1. Eat Earth Foods.

Foods that support the Earth Element are sweet and starchy foods like melons, milk chocolate, and naturally sweet foods (really, anything that grows naturally in your area).

  1. Read A Book.

The Earth Element governs your intellect, so feed your mind — read a book.

  1. Gather with your community, your family, your clan.

Come together. Share food and spend the day recalling your memories, your dreams. Let the fruit of your life ripen.


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