5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Awareness

5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Awareness by Stephanie Benedetto Padovani #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #SelfAwareness

What can you notice that changes everything?

It’s easy to address problems and challenges that you’re aware of.

You’re out of milk; go to the store and buy more, or get your partner to do it. The car won’t start; ask your neighbor to jump-start it.

But what about the things you DON’T notice?

Psychologists are fond of saying that 90% of your thoughts are unconscious; meaning they’re completely outside your conscious awareness. You don’t recognize them. While I’m not entirely sure that’s true, how can you measure someone’s awareness of a thought without making them aware of it?

When I have an awareness about my experience, it opens up new possibilities that I never even knew existed. Shared below are some of my favorite tools and tricks to becoming more aware.

Here Are 5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Awareness:

  1. Questions

Questions open up awareness of the things I’m missing.


  • “What am I unaware of here?”
  • “What am I unwilling to be aware of?”

Simply asking these questions brings up the answer; which is often brought into consciousness afterward.

If what I’m aware of doesn’t suit me, I might use Energy Clearings, Timeline Therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Journaling, or other techniques to help me choose something different.

  1. Hiring A Coach

I place a high value on working with a pro who can see my blind spots.

It’s incredibly challenging for most people to become aware of their unconscious patterns and behaviors; because they’re unconscious, remember?

Having a coach, therapist, or friend who is curious and intuitive can help bring those things into awareness.

  1. Visualizations

Imagining a conversation with my highest-self or future-self allows me to tap into what’s happening in my subconscious.

I’ve had experiences in which my future-self outlines exactly what I need to do to get where I desire, or gives me the, “pep talk,” I need to keep going.

It’s amazing the inspiration you can tap into with a simple visualization like this one!

  1. Storytelling Transformation and Dream Interpretation

We live in metaphors. Becoming aware of them in our speech, dreams and the stories we tell, gives direct access to our internal processes and what may be holding us back.

Here’s a fun question:

If this “problem” situation in your life was a metaphor, what would it mean? What message would it be giving you?

  1. Check Your Projections

Wherever we’re upset with someone else, it’s the reflection of something we’re unaware of in ourselves.

So when I’m really grumpy about the parking job of the lady next door and I’m judging her for being inconsiderate, I ask, “Why am I doing that?”


This is a powerful shadow-awareness that can transform your life if you allow it.

Here’s a video exploring the benefits of becoming aware of the things you’d rather avoid:

I could go on and on; I’m a bit obsessed with self-awareness.

What’s your favorite way to cultivate self-awareness? Please share it with us in the comments section below!

– Stephanie

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