50 Ideas for Your New Happy

50 Ideas for Your New Happy by Debi Silber #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #YourHappy
50 Ideas for Your New Happy by Debi Silber #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #YourHappy
Your New Happy – A To-Do List  

If you ask me, THIS is what a to-do list should look like!

Enjoy your new happy!…

  1. Say no to things that pull me away from my priorities.
  2. Say yes to things that bring me joy, passion, and purpose.
  3. Pick up a frivolous and unnecessary gift for myself.
  4. Prioritize my health, well-being, and sanity (regardless of how many other tasks and people are vying for my time).
  5. Get a Mani/Pedi or any other self-care act that makes me feel beautiful.
  6. Call that friend I’ve been meaning to reconnect with.
  7. Be present.
  8. Before making any decision, determine if it’ll take me towards or further away from the life I want. Use that answer to decide if it’s a yes or no.
  9. Stop putting myself last. It’s not selfish to take care myself, it’s self-preservation.
  10. Check my expectations-they’re unreasonable, they create way too much stress and leave no room to be human.
  11. Ditch perfectionism.
  12. Lose the superwoman cape-I’ve worn it for years and it’s time to let it go.
  13. If the highest and best version of me wouldn’t do it, say it, eat it, think it… either should I.
  14. Don’t avoid the tough stuff, working through it is how I become empowered and unshakable.
  15. Don’t absorb other people’s negativity.
  16. Speak to myself how I’d speak with a friend (I wouldn’t have a friend in the world if I spoke to them the way I spoke to myself!).
  17. Reward myself for my effort along the way, don’t wait to get to the goal to celebrate.
  18. Smile more.
  19. Criticize less.
  20. Stop comparing myself to others-I have no idea what path they’re on, where they’ve come from or where they’re headed.
  21. Regain my childlike curiosity.
  22. Lose the grudge.
  23. Remind my ego that I’ve put my soul in charge.
  24. Choose my regrets.
  25. Don’t let getting knocked down keep me down. It’s only a place to regroup and begin again.
  26. I got that inspiring idea because it’s mine to create. Follow up on it.
  27. Stay present instead of being upset about the past or worrying about the future. It’s in the present moment that everything lives.
  28. Don’t shrink to keep everyone else comfortable-be bold.
  29. What’s different about me is what’s beautiful. Stop hiding it and share my special gifts with the world.
  30. Practice gratitude to remind myself of the abundance I have around me.
  31. Break the rules, within reason.
  32. Redefine my boundaries if they’re being overstepped.
  33. Spend more time with people who inspire me.
  34. Spend less time with people who are negative, critical, judgmental and pessimistic.
  35. Find some like-minded friends who inspire me to play bigger.
  36. As long as I’m thinking anyway, think bigger.
  37. Fertilize the soil of my mind with people, books, classes, events and anything else that helps me grow.
  38. If I can’t pronounce the ingredients, if I wouldn’t find them in a cookbook, if my grandmother wouldn’t have had it in her kitchen and if it can last indefinitely… don’t eat it.
  39. What I feed, grows so stop feeding all of those negative thoughts.
  40. Get rid of my old “story.” It’s keeping me safe, stuck and small. Figure out who I’d be without it, take only the parts from it I love, and create a story I’d be inspired to hear.
  41. Don’t save anything for that “special occasion.” Every day is a special occasion so use it, open it, wear it, start it today.
  42. Remind myself that in my greatest struggles lie my greatest triumphs and those who hurt me the most are often my greatest teachers.
  43. FORGIVE- others and myself to set myself free.
  44. Judge less.
  45. Laugh more.
  46. Say it.
  47. Do it.
  48. Feel it.
  49. Mean it.
  50. Watch that complimentary webinar to learn how to become and stay unshakable.


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