6 Books for A Healthier, Happier You

6 Books for A Healthier, Happier You by Kimberly Fisher #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Books #Healthier #HappierYou

6 Books for A Healthier, Happier You by Kimberly Fisher #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Books #Healthier #HappierYou

Are you looking for ways to change things up in the kitchen? Or maybe you’re interested in ways to make small changes to find a healthier, happier you?

You’re in luck because there is something out there for all of us. In this article, I will share a few books to help you find what it is you are looking for.

Here Are 6 Books for A Healthier, Happier You:

  1. Part-Time Paleo: How to Go Paleo Without Going Crazy by Leanne Ely

Going Paleo does not have to be hard. As one of today’s fastest-growing food trends, Paleo has many benefits but getting started can be intimidating.

In Part-Time Paleo, nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author Leanne Ely helps remove those obstacles as she teaches you how to equip your kitchen for success, stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer for quick and easy meals, and simplify your life with menu plans, grocery lists, and serving suggestions. Use your slow cooker to make dozens of delicious gluten-and dairy-free recipes with this fun and easy cookbook.


  1. The Healing Power of Tea: Simple Teas & Tisanes to Remedy and Rejuvenate Your Health by Caroline Dow

For centuries, tea has been used for healing and improved wellness, and now you can learn to rejuvenate your health with The Healing Power of Tea. Whether you’re a new or an expert tea drinker, Caroline Dow provides you with “tea-rrific” knowledge, including detailed explanations of different tea types and their advantages, as well as, a list of ailments and which blends will alleviate them.

From black to green to oolong, enjoy many aspects of tea and tea culture. Discover the delicious ways tea will improve your life with extensive recipes and an easy-to-use reference guide. From the history of tea to growing a tea garden, this comprehensive book takes you on a fascinating journey into the world of teas and tisanes.

  1. The Real Food Revolution: Healthy Eating, Green Groceries, and the Return of the American Family Farm by Tim Ryan

Americans love food. Our fertile farmlands and the abundance and variety of our agricultural output are the envy of the world. For most of our history, we lived close to the land, food was accessed locally, and we processed it in our own kitchens. But as our population and economy boomed in the last century and we concentrated in the cities, we industrialized our food system with food coming far from home and processed multiple times. As foods rich in natural taste declined, we relied on high amounts of added sugar, fat, and salt to entice our palates. And it has taken a toll: our soil is polluted, our practices are unsustainable, and our health problems, including everything from allergy-related disease to obesity, are on the rise. This has all contributed to historic levels of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other causes of preventable death.

The good news is that people are starting to find solutions. They’re voting with their pocketbooks for a new kind of food system, the family farm 21st-century style. Suburban and urban moms (and dads) want to know what’s in their food and where it comes from. No more snack packs, Ding Dongs, and soda for lunch. This revolution is not only in how people eat but also in how food is grown, distributed, shopped for, and prepared. And the food is better tasting, better looking, and better for you. The Real Food Revolution by Congressman Tim Ryan is a manifesto for this new food movement.

  1. The Swift Diet: 4 Weeks to Mend the Belly, Lose the Weight, and Get Rid of the Bloat by Kathie Madonna Swift and Joseph Hooper

The microbiome is about to be the hottest thing in health. New research shows that lean people have different gut bacteria than heavier people.

The Swift Diet will be the first to show women how they can tap into that research to lose weight permanently by eating to change their gut bacteria. But the promise doesn’t stop there, the Diet also helps heal the bloating, gas, constipation, and digestive distress that so often go with carrying extra weight.

The book includes four weeks of meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle changes that will keep off weight, regulate digestion, clear skin, and increase energy.

  1. The 5 Skinny Habits by David Zulberg

In his own personal weight-loss struggle, David Zulberg turned to the forgotten wisdom of Maimonides, a medieval Jewish expert on philosophical subjects, to find consensus on ideal nutrition and optimum physical and emotional health. After 10 years of studying volume upon volume, Zulberg was able to distill the teachings of the Bible and humanity’s greatest doctors, and he discovered something amazing, ancient doctors already knew what today’s medical findings are rediscovering about what’s best for human health, weight loss, disease prevention, and psychological well-being.

The 5 Skinny Habits explains the ancient understanding of health and its application to our lives in the 21st-century and its supersize portions. Zulberg refers to legendary thinkers as Master Physicians and, through a close study of Maimonides, integrates the spiritual, emotional, and physical components of health and weight loss. With an easy five-step plan, Zulberg tells readers how to incorporate one habit each week for 5 weeks to achieve a healthier lifestyle. His five steps streamline and simplify the process of becoming fit, ensuring that change is made for good. As readers are gradually led through the plan, they become more accustomed to living as prescribed by the ancient health experts. A simple diet diary with positive affirmations makes self-monitoring an effective and enjoyable part of the discovery. By the end of the journey, readers have incorporated the habits into their routines so completely that they are no longer “dieting” but simply living a healthier life.

  1. The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence: A Woman’s Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More by Jessica Ortner

Many women live their lives believing that they can’t ask for what they want until they change something that they’re unhappy with. No promotion until they get new skills. No relationship until they establish their career. No fulfillment until they find love. One of the most common conditions women place on themselves is weight loss; no love until they lose weight, no sex until they lose weight, no happiness until they lose weight.

But Jessica Ortner, co-producer of the highly successful documentary on meridian tapping, The Tapping Solution offers women a better choice. Why not lose the weight and create the life you’ve always dreamed of? As a culture obsessed with weight loss, we all know the latest fads that claim to help us drop pounds instantly. What often isn’t discussed is the science behind the issue and how learning to deal with stress can promote and accelerate weight loss. Not only does stress create an overabundance of cortisol that is directly related to abdominal obesity, but it also impacts behavior, supporting bad habits, including using food to deal with difficult emotions and painful situations.

Jessica uses tapping to help tackle the stress that leads to weight gain including the personal stresses of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Using her own struggles with weight loss, along with success stories of some of the thousands of women she’s worked with, Jessica walks readers through the process of discovering their personal power and self-worth. Her program is based on extensive research into the benefits and success of tapping and the hormones involved in stress and weight gain. In this book, she guides readers through a proven process of overcoming their dependency on food. She covers everything from the emotional aspects of overeating and cravings, to how to find joy in exercise, the power of pleasure, and how our families and friends may inadvertently add to the problem. With hope, heart, humor, and science, Jessica weaves a path to a happy, healthy life full of confidence and joy.

Are you feeling better already?

Do you know of any books for a healthier, happier you that did not get mentioned above? If so, please share them with us in the comments section below!

– Kimberly

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