6 Warning Signs You’re Dealing with A Toxic Person

6 Warning Signs You're Dealing with A Toxic Person by Eliana Marris #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Toxic

6 Warning Signs You're Dealing with A Toxic Person by Eliana Marris #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ToxicPerson

Are you in an unhealthy and/or abusive relationship?

Did things start off great and then all of a sudden, took a change for the worse? Unfortunately, not all things in life come with warning labels. Shared below are a few warning signs to watch out for.

Here are 6 Warning Signs You’re Dealing with A Toxic Person:

  1. Extremely Defensive:

At even the slightest question or pointed finger, toxic people become very aggressive and adamant in defending themselves. They feel very easily threatened, and often, deep down, know they are guilty. It causes them to behave irrationally and say anything to win an argument and ‘prove’ themselves innocent.

They never put their defense down or stop throwing the punches back at you. Whole arguments can break out over any one little thing they consider a personal attack. However, in the mind of a disturbed person, almost anything can be perceived as an attack on their ego.

  1. Mirror Effect when Confronted about Wrongdoings:

If the spotlight is on them for anything other than pure admiration, it is very easy for a toxic person to mirror it back to you. For example, you have suspicion/evidence your partner is cheating. So, you confront them about it, and all of a sudden, they are accusing you of being the one that is actually cheating, and not them.

Another scenario would be if you asked your partner to listen to you more often and pay more attention. A toxic person would respond with; “Well maybe if you didn’t have so many problems, I wouldn’t have to.”

  1. Hates Asking for Help or Admitting when they Are Wrong:

A toxic person hates admitting, in any way, that they are vulnerable and rely on other people. They always want to feel as if they are in full control of everything and everyone around them. They feel as though they are somewhat invincible or untouchable, and can never be wrong about something.

The biggest reason toxic people are like this is that in their mind, vulnerability or making a mistake is a sign of weakness. It takes vulnerability to trust, love, and to learn in life. Without it, you are just a person that never puts their guard down. To be capable of asking for help, or admitting that you are wrong equates the exact opposite – being strong.

  1. Doesn’t Take Responsibility for own Actions:

Blaming or holding a toxic person accountable for their actions is nearly impossible. This is simply because they refuse to accept the consequences of their behavior, words, and manipulation. By not accepting the consequences, they are effectively allowing themselves to do whatever they want, and when they want. People who live this way never learn any lessons, never feel guilt, and certainly never grow as a person.

It is also extremely unlikely that you ever hear an apology from them for this very reason.

  1. Strong Sense of Entitlement:

The world revolves around them, their beliefs, and what the world and other people ‘owe’ them. This is especially so in romantic relationships. Toxic people feel that they deserve control over their partner in all aspects of their life. That feel they are entitled to your sexuality, financial station, and friendships.

The reason toxic people operate this way is that they have a heightened sense of superiority that is fragile to challenge. To prevent you or others from challenging it, they feel the need to control to make certain their false ego is not compromised.

  1. Doesn’t Respect others’ Boundaries:

Your ‘no’ is their ‘yes.’ In the way they see the world, personal boundaries and morals of other people have no relevance to them. They are free to cross whatever lines they please to suit themselves and what they need. The motive behind this behavior is to gain a sense of power. When people allow a toxic person to push their buttons and cross boundaries, it makes them feel in control over not just other people, but themselves.

For example, your toxic partner has had body issues throughout their whole life. The issues they have about their body are the main source of all insecurity in their life. In response to these inner problems, you will find your partner putting you down with words/phrases like ‘fat,’ ‘need to lose weight,’ and ‘should you really be eating that?’

Toxic people often have a lack of control (particularly impulse), power, and sense of worth in their own lives.

And so, destroying it for other people makes them feel as if those things that are missing in their life have been temporarily resolved. In other words, they are literally sucking the life force out of you.

If anyone in your life displays any or all of these qualities, it’s safe to say you’d definitely be better off without them. I challenge anyone who was reminded of a particular person when reading this post, to cut them out of your life TODAY!

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. – Maya Angelou

If you recognize any of the warning signs that were mentioned above, please do not hesitate to leave your toxic relationship. You deserve love and happiness.


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