6 Ways to Embrace Being Okay with All of You

6 Ways to Embrace Being Okay with All of You by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BeingOkay

Being okay with ALL of you may seem a bit unattainable. There’s a LOT to be okay with, right? Read on to see how simple a little bit of self-love and self-acceptance can be!

Here are 6 Ways to Embrace Being Okay with All of You:

  1. Your Body

From the perspective of reincarnation, it has been documented in the Journey of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D. that we, as souls, are given a choice on which body we believe will give us the BEST chance at succeeding in our life on Earth. Whether it has to do with the mental or physical abilities or the particular appearance that will bring upon the soul’s lessons, it’s ALL by design, like everything in nature. We whole-heartedly chose the perfect body to accomplish whatever we came here to do! Might as well start loving it now. It’s here to help you succeed!

Mantra: I have a deeper appreciation for my body. It is here to help me succeed.

  1. Your Natural Abilities

Following along with this perspective, we came with natural talents, strengths, and skills to make it easier for us to actualize our visions. We actually knew we’d face adversity, and we wanted to prepare ourselves the best we could. Here’s something I learned from reverse engineering myself. The things we are good at lead us to the happiness we desire. Being OK with ALL of you means recognizing and embracing your natural abilities, talents, and strengths for the blessings they are, without taking a single one for granted.

Mantra: I embrace my natural talents and strengths and allow them to guide me to my abundance.

  1. Your “Flaws”

As a natural part of life, we experience duality, and it happens within ourselves and for our benefit. For every strength, we also have the “weakness” or “flaw” of the same thought or belief. But seeing this “flaw” or “weakness” as a signal of a misalignment from your Truth, rather than something to judge or condemn yourself for, helps you to understand and move through it much more easily. (You’re not stuck “hating” the flaw, but rather appreciating it for the signal that it is.)

Let’s be clear; there is nothing inherently “wrong” with you. You are perfect being YOU. We see our “flaws” because we ultimately see our perfection as well. It is simply our job to accept the “flaw” as our next perspective to bring to the Light and change. The “flaw” is there to create enough resistance that we finally look in the opposite direction, to our perfection, and choose to develop THAT instead, for it feels SO MUCH BETTER.

Mantra: I accept my “flaws” as signals and I am becoming the perfect version of myself.

  1. Your Mind

It’s so easy to think we are our minds and thoughts, but nothing is further from the Truth. We are energy. Our mind and thoughts are our tools to create our reality. Our mind is our imagination, to be used for creation or destruction, sometimes in healthy ways, and sometimes not. Our mind is the greatest gift from Source. It allows us to express ourselves and can be changed at any moment to see another perspective. There are 3 elements in life to have high reverence for, the mind, the body, and the soul, as all 3 come together to create what we call Life.

Mantra: I LOVE my brilliant mind and the power it has to create my imagined realities.

  1. Your Heart

Many of us deny the power and vulnerability of our own hearts, for fear of getting hurt. Many of us are not actually okay with ALL aspects of our heart. We are afraid of expressing it, connecting with it, seeing what’s inside, and sharing it. It is the most real part of ourselves, and if we are choosing to live in and buy into the great illusion, it will feel very awkward to open ourselves up and be vulnerable. Rather than seeing it as vulnerability (being susceptible to harm), let’s look at it as surrender (being open to love).

By being okay with that openness and surrender, you are actually stepping into a power that only some know. No longer do you have to devote your precious energy to hiding what is naturally YOU, which is incredibly draining. Rather, you open up your reserves of love and kindness to yourself and the world around you. You can just BE okay with what feels most natural, instead of trying to withhold a mask to disguise your radiant self.

Mantra: I share the gifts of my heart openly with myself and others. I am perfectly happy and powerful surrendering the guard around my heart and being open to love.

  1. Your Past

Being okay with your past means forgiving yourself and all involved and realizing it was all just a part of your training to prepare you for the lessons you came to learn. It took me a while to realize this, but once I did, it was clear to me that no one actually wanted to hurt me or expose me to negative conditions. As souls, we are just here teaching, guiding, and showing one another the lessons, we intuitively know we came here to experience and learn from. From this perspective, can you see how having a negative role model growing up could inspire a child to “never want to be like them,” and therefore teach themselves over the course of their lifetime to do the exact opposite and live from a much higher, more positive, and loving perspective? In the end, that initial negative training is what inspires our greatest growth and development.

Mantra: I forgive and accept my past and allow it to be the training that it is to inspire my greatest growth and development.

Of course, there is SO MUCH MORE to all of us, than this short list. These higher perspectives liberate us from limiting thoughts we have about ourselves and allow for the deepest healings and shifts to begin.

Practice the above mantras, and embrace being okay with ALL of you.

– Kristin

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