6 Ways to Invite More Play into Your Life

6 Ways to Invite More Play into Your Life by Kim Bayne #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Play

6 Ways to Invite More Play into Your Life by Kim Bayne #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Play

Your Inner Child Wants to Come Out and Play: 5 Ways to Invite Play into Your Life.

Are you stuck in an endless vortex of just living day to day? Do you feel as if you just simply exist?

Maybe it is time to allow your Inner Child to come out and play.

We all have that little inner child inside of us just begging to come out and play. They are here to remind us of the best parts of our childhood. The parts where we had no responsibilities, no life challenges, no worries, and the only thing we had to think about was to simply have some FUN!

Who doesn’t want to have fun? We all do… right?

Here are 6 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Child and Invite More Play into Your Life:

  1. Skip-Walk.

Go for a walk. But not just any walk – skip through the walk. You don’t have to skip the whole time. But by beginning your walk with skipping, the younger part of you comes alive, and your body will remember how much fun it was to just skip. See you are smiling right now, aren’t you? Just by remembering how much fun you had as a child skipping around can bring about happiness.

  1. Laugh Out Loud.

What was it as a child that made you laugh? I mean really laugh from your gut. Can you remember? Was it sledding, riding down a hill, was it a roller coaster, your best friend doing something ridiculous, or a funny TV show? Whatever it was, find something today that can make you laugh just like that. Google funny videos of a child laughing, find some funny jokes, or even just begin to laugh. Go ahead and laugh right now, laugh out loud deep from your gut. It’s alright to just let it out.

  1. Clap Your Hands.

Did you know that clapping your hands raises your vibration? Go ahead try it. Clap your hands. Now faster, and faster, create a rhythm with the clapping. Do you feel that…that little bit of tingling on the inside, those are stimulators connected to the brain that create Dopamine our ‘feel good’ receptor? This is why we clap when someone has done a good job.

  1. Color.

Go out and buy yourself a coloring book and crayons or markers. If you use a smartphone or a tablet, download a coloring app, there are hundreds out there. Take 10 minutes out of your day and color. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be and how much tension you release from your body by just coloring and then looking at the end product.

  1. Celebrate.

It doesn’t have to be a birthday or a holiday to celebrate. You could simply celebrate being alive, or you just made it through the day. Go out and buy yourself a cake/cupcake and a candle. Remember the excitement you felt as a child when you were getting ready to blow out the candles on your cake…you almost couldn’t wait for everyone to stop singing Happy Birthday to You. Tap into that feeling as you blow out the candle.

  1. Dance!

Turn up the music and dance! Dance like you just don’t care and like no one is watching. Dancing releases endorphins and those endorphins make us feel good; they make us happier.

Our Inner child never leaves us; he/she is always there waiting to be let out and to remind us to play and have some fun.

By doing some or all of the above, we not only honor our inner child, but we also become happier adults, I mean who wouldn’t with all the endorphins being released into our bodies that truly makes us feel better on so many levels.

Here’s to enjoying life and bringing out all the fun and joy we can get.

If you have some helpful tips to invite more play, please share them with us in the comments section below!

– Kim

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